Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Release Day Madness!

Today is the day that SEALed For Pleasure comes out! I'm so excited!

Think about it...three hot, hunky, horny Navy SEALs. All there to see to your pleasure! What's not to like about that?
Here's a little something to wet your appetite!


Mia is on the hunt for an alpha hero to play the starring role in her next book. Looking for some inspiration, she finds just that with three of the hottest men she’s ever met. They exude confidence and authority, and she wonders if they are the same in the bedroom. But to be with them is to submit in ways she’s not sure she can. She’s never been much for obedience.


Tris, Brent, and Mick have been to hell and back together as SEAL teammates, and chances are they’ll take the same trip again. So when they get free time, they like to play hard. And they like to share. Once Mia hits their radar, only she will do. They want her naked, bound, and on her knees, ready to submit to everything they desire.


Brent groaned as those small fingers gripped his dick and gave it a firm squeeze. He’d spotted her as soon as he’d entered the bar. It was hard to miss a woman as beautiful and sexy as Mia Greyson. Of course, it helped that his buddy Mick had described her so well.

Mick had tried to get in touch with her a few times when he’d been home over the years, but Mia had never been around. Now he understood why his buddy kept trying. Mia was all long legs, lush hips and appeared to have an amazing set of tits. She was big green eyes and wet lips. And he wanted her badly.

When Mick had mentioned coming out tonight, Brent had groaned. Tris had outright given a big, “fuck no”, but had obviously changed his mind. Mick had to make an appearance since the party was in his honor. The idea had been to meet, greet, and get the three of them out of there, so they could find a little fun instead. Being part of a SEAL team meant never knowing when you might get called away. They had a few weeks of R&R right now, but there was no guarantee they’d get to enjoy it. If shit happened, they’d go.

Those slim fingers twitched around his dick again and made him groan. He was planning to be damn lucky before the night was over. He could tell with one glance at his buddies that Mick and Tris were already on board for a little fun tonight. He knew Mick was cool with sharing her.

Hell, they’d talked a lot about her over the years. He hoped Mia could handle what they had in mind. He wanted to see her stripped naked, tied up, blindfolded, and placed on her knees.

Just the thought had his dick flexing against those fingers of hers. He couldn’t wait for the denim to be out of the way.

He imagined the three men circling her, touching, caressing. Could see her mouth open, lips wet, waiting for a chance to suck one of their cocks deep. He bet she would be a wild one. Fuck if he didn’t want to find out.

“How good are you at taking orders, Mia?” he crooned the words in her ear then ran his tongue along the edge of her lobe.

She shivered against him, and he watched Mick’s gaze fall to her tits. Brent could just imagine how hard her nipples were now.

“What do you mean?” Her voice was a little shaky as if she was starting to have second thoughts about her earlier “yes”. He prayed she didn’t back out now.

“Because I want to know how good you’ll be. Will you take off what I tell you to? When I tell you to? Will you be a good girl and obey my every command? Or will you fight me for control?”

She glanced back at him. “I’ve never been real good at taking orders. I tend to want things my way.”

“Oh, sugar,” Tris’ voice had her head jerking back around. “You’re going to get exactly what you want. From all of us.”

Brent pressed his hips forward letting his cock press hard against her palm.
“We’re going to fuck you all night long,” she glanced back at him again, “if you let us.”

He watched her swallow, watched as she let her gaze skim over all three of them again.

Finally, her eyes met his once more. “On one condition.”

“Name it.” Mick spoke up and Brent watched as Mia locked gazes with him.

“Nothing is off limits.”

“Done.” Mick agreed with a smile.

“W-wait,” Mia stuttered. “I mean in reference to my writing. I’m free to use anything we do in my work.”

“Honey, if anything goes, I’m betting we’ll be able to give you a lot of material to use in your writing.” Tris added this, but Brent completely agreed.

“Anything, Mia. That means whatever we want. You can’t say no.”

“Within reason,” she said. “I mean as long as it’s just us.”

“I think the three of us will be able to satisfy you,” Mick stated firmly.

Brent would swear Mia was blushing when she answered. He could just see the red flush of her cheeks.

“I just didn’t know what you meant when you were saying anything. So I added the within reason.”

“You can always say no.” Mick shrugged his shoulders. “We won’t force you to do anything you’re adamantly against.”

“But you can’t blame us if we try to persuade you to give it a try,” Tris contributed with a twinkle in his eyes.

“All we’re saying is as long as it’s the four of us, you’ll try it. You can think of it as research, Mia.” With Tris and Mick blocking her in the front, Brent slipped a hand up to cup her breast and brushed a finger across one nipple. “You like research?”

He could feel her shudder against him. Her breasts were high and firm, crowned by tight nipples. He wanted to strip her, touch her. He wanted to taste her nipples and suck them until she begged for more.

“Mia,” he murmured her name into her ear when she remained silent.

“Yes,” she whispered, but they all heard it.

He took her hand off his dick and used it to tug her toward the door. He knew Tris and Mick would follow them as soon as they could get away. His cock was threatening to bust through his zipper. He was hot and horny and had one thing on his mind—getting Mia naked and fucking her again and again and again.

He glanced over his shoulder at Mick and Tris and knew he wasn’t the only one with fucking on his mind.

Hope that got your interest!
Until next time, happy reading!

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