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Sharing Gianna

It's release day for me! I'm so excited! The fourth Marquetti Amore book is out today, Sharing Gianna.

Sharing Gianna

Lacey Thorn


Book 4 in the Marquetti Amore series.

Gianna hasn’t been home since she left ten years ago. One frantic call sends her racing back and dealing with emotions she’s kept buried too long. When she meets Gabe and Tony, she is instantly attracted. Maybe sex is just the stress relief and distraction she needs.

Gabe and Tony have both just left the Marines behind. Their first stop to see former teammate and close friend Dante Marquetti might just be their last when they meet his sister Gianna. But one taste of her only makes them hungry for more. Now all they can think of is sharing Gianna.
A Romantica® contemporary erotic ménage romance from Ellora’s Cave

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Copyright © LACEY THORN, 2013

All Rights Reserved, Ellora's Cave Publishing, Inc.

“Damn, if I’d known you were going to find something that gorgeous on your run I’d have gone with you.” The voice came from her right and she turned to see a man step forward toward them. “You always did have the luck.”

Gabe laughed beside her. “This is another corp buddy of Dante’s. Tony Russell,” he introduced.

Tony grinned at her. He was maybe an inch taller than Gabe with short black hair that looked incredibly thick. As he stepped forward she was caught by his eyes. She’d never seen eyes so light a green before. They were absolutely mesmerizing. She automatically held her hand out to him. He took it and, instead of the shake she expected, brought it to his lips and brushed them across her knuckles.

“I know you’ve heard this a million times I’m sure, but there is something very familiar about you,” Tony said.

“She’s Dante’s sister,” Gabe replied from behind her. “Gianna Marquetti.”

“No offense, but you don’t look anything like that ugly brother of yours,” Tony said with a grin. “I’m sure I’ve seen you somewhere before.”

“Probably,” she answered, thinking of the hundreds of ads and magazine covers she’d graced over the years.

“No clues, huh?” he asked as he moved to hold the door open for her.

“Are you staying here too?” Gianna was sure Gabe had mentioned being in town for at least a month.

“Yep,” Tony said with a nod. “Been calling it home for over a month now.”

She couldn’t really say anything. She’d stayed months in hotels before, depending on what shoot she happened to be working on or how many she had in a particular area.

“Honestly anything beats a tent in the desert,” Gabe added with a laugh.

“Yeah, no worries except listening to Gabe snore like a freight train from across the room.” Tony shuddered in mock horror.

“I do not snore,” Gabe grumbled.

She entered the lobby with a laugh. It felt great to laugh. She hadn’t realized how much she needed it. Maybe Rocky was right and she needed to get out and date more. She’d just not been tempted by any of the guys she’d met lately. Now she’d met two men who both set her pulse racing. One of them would do to break her dry spell. Hell, both of them would do. And that thought, of the three of them together, had her quaking with need and shamed to her bones. From zero to wanton in one fell swoop. What the hell was the matter with her?

“Ms. Marquetti?” the desk clerk called to her as the three of them entered.

Everything clicked back into place then. Run forgotten, all her worries filled her mind once more. “Did you get a message for me? Did something happen?” She headed over to the counter not even thinking that Cris would call her cell phone first anyway and not the hotel.

“No, no,” he rushed to assure her. He blushed and his voice stuttered as he rubbed his hands over the magazine he held. “I was just wondering if maybe…” He cleared his voice before going on. “Umm, I was hoping that maybe I could get your autograph if you didn’t mind.”

She realized that both Gabe and Tony stood close behind her. She glanced at the cover of the magazine and knew just what ad the boy would open it up for her to autograph. It was one of her favorite shoots. It was for a new line of body butter and that was all she was wearing, well the butter and a naughty grin. Her long blonde hair was tumbling down her back and she was glancing over her right shoulder. But that wasn’t what had gotten the ad so much attention. It was the fact that she was totally nude facing two men with one arm curved around each of them holding them close to her. The slogan had been, “Feels so good, you’ll want to share.”

Of course it helped that the two guys in the ad were dear friends who she hung out with occasionally. In fact they had included her on a lot of their dates and she was even invited to their wedding later in the year to confirm their love for each other. But the ad certainly didn’t show that they were in love with each other. No, they looked pure alpha and totally into her, possessive of her. It was a great shot. Each of them had a hand covering one of her bare ass cheeks, the look in their eyes almost daring another man to try to touch her.

She nodded to the kid. “Sure,” she said, reaching for the pen that rested on the counter as he popped the magazine open to the ad she’d expected. She heard the indrawn breaths behind her but didn’t look as she asked for his name and then signed it to him. Taking a breath, she turned to look at Gabe and Tony.

“It was nice meeting you both,” she began. “I’m heading to my room now to try to catch some sleep before I head to the hospital.”

“We’ll ride up with you.” Gabe’s voice was suddenly husky.

She nodded and headed to the elevator, doing her best to ignore the heated lust in their eyes. She was not here for this. She was here to see about Stephano, to see her brothers and sister and maybe her dad. She was here to see if she was as healed as she liked to think. She was not here to have sex with two men, no matter how good it sounded, how great they looked or how interested they seemed.

“Well, I knew I’d seen you before.” Tony broke the silence as soon as the doors closed.

“What floor?” Gabe asked.

“Fourth,” she said and noticed he only hit the four button. They must be staying on the same floor.

“Gia,” Tony murmured the abbreviated version of her name that she used when modeling. “No offense, but I’ve had many a fantasy about you while in the desert.”

Gianna laughed. What else could she do? The grin, the eyes and the honesty were a heady combination. “No offense taken,” she said. She wasn’t naive enough to believe that there weren’t a lot of men who fantasized while looking at the ad, or did other things she didn’t want to think about.

“And I was thinking you’d look great in the outfit you were admiring when we ran into each other.” Gabe grinned. “That ad proves you’d look even better out of it.”

She blushed and shook her head, wondering what he’d think if he knew that she designed the sexy lingerie in that window. “Well, thanks,” she said. “I think.”

“So is there a significant other in your life?” Tony asked and it took her a minute to realize that he was asking if she was seeing someone. What a way to ask.

“Um, no,” she admitted. She didn’t have time to date, didn’t want to have affairs with any of the men in her industry. Hell, lately she didn’t do anything but work.

“Good,” he said. “Then hopefully you’ll forgive me for doing this.”

Before she could even process, he was leaning into her and his lips were covering hers. Not hard, not commanding, which she could have pulled away from. But slow and exploring, soft and sensual. It had been so long since she’d felt a kiss, felt another’s lips in a kiss that was meant to ignite, to stimulate. She sank into it, just sighed and let him slip his tongue inside to rub against hers.

She felt Gabe shifting beside them and when Tony slid his mouth from hers to trail down her neck she automatically turned to see what Gabe was doing, to see his expression. No jealousy. Just lust. That was what she saw before he leaned in and took her mouth. Now it was hard and dominating, a kiss meant to possess. Gabe claimed her mouth, sucking her tongue and thrusting his in and out of her mouth in parody of the sex her pussy was aching for.
Her body, dormant for too long, suddenly was alive with the need to feel and be felt, to explore and be explored. It was all so much that she swore she was hearing bells. Then there was the unmistakable clearing of a throat and a way too familiar voice bringing her back to her senses.

Hope that wet your appetite!

Until next time, happy reading!

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