Wednesday, October 9, 2013

I'm Guarded!

Or at least my heroine in the newest trilogy of Pleasures books is! Because the fans ask for it, I kept the Pleasures books going, kicking off a new trilogy of stories with Guarded for Pleasure.
This set of Pleasures books has a suspense element to them. I hope you enjoy that added touch. I've had such fun writing them!


River, Tara, and Kat met in the police academy and decided to forgo becoming cops and try life as private investigators instead. That easily, Angel Investigations was born.

Now, River is on the run from an ex-boyfriend who takes psycho to a new level. When he told her he always took care of what belonged to him, she never imagined he was referring to her.

When her ex finds her, River’s three sexy neighbors step in to help. Phil, Luke, and Rick have more than guarding her body in mind. They’ll guard her pleasure as well, and make sure she never wants again.

The next story, Roped for Pleasure, comes out later this month and shares the story of Tara. I'm busy wrapping this one up with the final story, Arranged for Pleasure which is due out in December. I hope the fans continue to enjoy the Pleasures books!

When we first meet River she is hiding under the alias of Meg. Hope you enjoy this glimpse!

Excerpt from Guarded for Pleasure:

Meg raced up the stairs, her fingers clenching the postcard that had been waiting like a coiled snake in her mailbox. Terror nearly consumed her, and she fought her panic to get up the stairs to the safety of her apartment. She couldn’t seem to catch her breath, as she struggled and failed to wipe the single word he’d written from her mind. It pulsed like a neon sign in her brain—MINE.

She’d tried so hard to stay one step ahead of him, but now he’d found her. She’d left everything and everyone behind, refusing to even call, in hopes of protecting them. All to no avail…he was here.

She hugged the wall as she rounded the hallway and headed to her apartment. Her keys shook in her hand as she made her way as quickly and quietly as possible to her door. She’d need to be fast, pack a bag of only what she needed and be gone within the hour.

He knew where she lived, could show up at any time. She couldn’t get that thought out of her mind.


Reaching for the lock with trembling fingers, she froze like a deer in the headlights. Slowly, reality bled through her terror. The door was ajar. Her heart was pounding so hard she couldn’t hear anything else. Had he been here? Was Raymond even now somewhere in her apartment waiting for her to show up?

She flattened her back against the wall beside the door and squeezed her eyes shut. What should she do?

“Meg, are you okay?”

She jumped, bit down on her lip to hold back the scream that wanted to escape. She recognized his voice; it filled her dreams with sex and passion. A pure fantasy brought to life she wanted to taste and explore—him and the other two men who all shared the penthouse apartment. God help her, she wanted them all. Sometimes in her dreams she was with all three of them at the same time.

“Meg?” Luke’s voice was husky, filled with concern. He ran fingers over her cheek, brushing her hair out of the way. “Talk to me.”

She hadn’t opened her eyes, too caught up in the images of him and her messing up the sheets. Just his voice did that to her, made her forget everything else. Not smart right now.

She glanced up at him. “My apartment.” She nodded her head toward the cracked door.

Luke pushed her behind him and a gun appeared in his hand.

Fear and desire waged a war inside her, replacing the terror of only a moment ago. Why did Luke look even sexier with a gun held confidently in his hand? With his broad shoulders hiding her view of the inside of her apartment, she trailed her gaze down to his waist and butt.

What terrible timing, but God, she wanted him to fuck her into oblivion. She wanted to sink her teeth into him, wanted to scratch him with her nails while she called his name, over and over and over again.

What the hell was wrong with her? She shook her head, knowing exactly what she was doing. Trading an emotion she couldn’t deal with for one she could. Much easier to focus on lust and desire than fear.

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Until next time, Happy Reading!

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