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Roped for Pleasure is out!

Roped for Pleasure released a little early, and I couldn't be happier! This is book two of the Angel Investigation trilogy of my Pleasures series. It will show as Pleasures book 5. No worries! All of my Pleasures books come in trilogies. So books 1-3 are my Greyson sister stories, and books 4-6 are my Angel Investigations stories. I'll do my best to make this clear and concise for the reader!
So how about a look at this one????
I love this cover! So hot and sexy!!!!


River, Tara, and Kat met in the police academy, decided to forgo becoming cops and try life as private investigators instead. That easily, Angel Investigations was born.

After a shooting involving her best friends and the detective who tormented them all, Tara is looking for healing. But she can’t forget, can’t heal, when someone is determined to keep reminding her, sending a picture to her phone every day. First, pictures of Detective Raymond Marino then graphic crime scene photos of women’s deaths. Is someone sending Tara a warning?

Kat’s brother and his two best friends have wanted Tara since they first met her. Charlie, Dasan, and Sam are determined to help her heal with as much TLC as she can handle. Three men set on giving her more pleasure than she’s ever known, as long as they rope her in before time runs out.


“Charlie? Dasan? Sam?” Tara’s voice filled the corridor and echoed around them.

Charlie felt it wrap around the base of his dick like a fist. He wanted to feel her there, any part of her.

“In here,” Sam called.

She filled the doorway, and Charlie swore the light moved to caress her like a lover’s hands, emphasizing all that was perfection about her. Her shoulder length auburn hair was gorgeous. He wanted to run his fingers through it, wanted to feel it against his skin. Her eyes were such a vivid, dark green. They made him think of grass in the summer, of the leaves on the trees. And her skin still held the sun’s glow, though it had gone to rest hours ago. She was a beauty, and he’d wanted her since the first time he met her.

“What?” She glanced down at her body, her hands running along the curves and touching what he craved. “Have I spilled something on me?”

He’d like to spill something on her, in her.

“You look gorgeous as ever,” Sam answered. Charlie was grateful. She muddled his mind, left him feeling like a hormonal teenage Lothario.

“Where have you been?” Her startled eyes flew to him, and he realized his voice had been gruffer than he intended.

She smiled. “I went shopping.” She held up a few bags he hadn’t even noticed before and jiggled them. One bright pink bag caught his eye and had his dick twitching for release.

“Where’s Kat?”

Tara glanced down then away, setting alarm bells ringing in Charlie’s head.

“She had some stuff to take care of.”

“Where did she go?” Dasan ask, coming to his feet.

Tara looked uneasy, as if she were having some internal debate the rest weren’t included in. Then, finally, with a deep sigh, she stood tall, straightening her shoulders as if preparing to do battle.

“I left her at the airport. Her shoulder is doing much better. She wanted to head back, close shop. Clean things up a bit.”

She wasn’t telling him everything. He could tell she was holding something back.

“And you decided to stay?” Dasan’s voice was filled with more than the question. It reflected the hunger they all felt for Tara.

“I…” He watched Tara swallow. She looked shy, a bit unsure. “I wasn’t ready to leave just yet.” He watched her gaze flit between them. Was she admitting what he hoped? Was she just as hungry for their touch as they were for hers?

“Any particular reason?” Charlie found his tongue to inquire.

Her eyes met his and held. He barely contained a groan as he watched her tongue flick out to wet her bottom lip.


Dasan moved closer to her, circling behind her.

“You what?” he whispered for them all.

“Did we fill your dreams last night?” Sam moved to stand by her side. “Did you dream of the things we could make you feel?”

Hope that has you wanting more! You can find Roped for Pleasure at the following places:

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