Tuesday, December 10, 2013

25 Days of Christmas Reader Celebration: Day 10

Today we get a look at the world of  horror writer Wade Le Fevre!

Carpenter, California is not Los Angeles. It is a much smaller city more inland, with less crime and a smaller population. That doesn’t mean it hasn’t seen its share of violence. In his time as a homicide detective there, Arthur Nelms has seen things that have caused many sleepless nights. But nothing like the string of animal attacks that begin cropping up just before he is due to retire. Like every other murder he has investigated they have a simple, rational explanation. Until he begins finding evidence that the killer may be all too human…
While he lay there he tried to figure out what had made this kill so much more special than the rest. It wasn’t fear, he knew. He had tasted fear. The others had all been afraid, but this last one had tasted different. He wrongfully presumed it was some long scientific explanation that he didn’t understand about endorphins or adrenaline rushing through her body because of the fight she was putting up. He didn’t realize it until the next day while riding the bus that it wasn’t because her heart was pumping, it was because his was.
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Happy Reading!
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  1. I'm not a horror fan. Marie Mattingly-Woods marie.mattingly88@gmail.com

  2. I haven't read horror books in a long time, but this one really sounds interesting. Thanks for sharing. Great blog!

  3. Oh, I'm a total horror fan! Thanks for the giveaway!



  4. The winner is Shannon Flynn! Congratulations Shannon! I'll forward your email to Wade.