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25 Days of Christmas Reader Celebration: Day 14

Today I have the incomparable Suzanne Graham with her book The Billionaire's Pilot! Remember you must comment to be entered. Comments also enter you in the grand prize drawing on Christmas Day! Only one entry per day. All winners selected via Thanks for stopping by, and good luck!!!

The Billionaire's Pilot by Suzanne Graham

With his father’s sudden death, Evan Mitchell is forced to take over the reins of the family’s multi-billion dollar conglomerate, keeping him away from the club where he finds his satisfaction as a Dom. When his current vanilla girlfriend dumps him on the eve of an important business trip, he finds his only choice is to hire his new helicopter pilot to play the role of his fiancĂ©e.

Cassie Maynard hesitates to repeat her past by getting involved with her new boss, especially one she suspects might be a Dom, but she can’t turn down the offer. Being unemployed for six months and moving to ultra-expensive New York City to find a new job has sunk her deep into debt, and her inner sub refuses to believe she’s permanently retired from the lifestyle.


Cassie Maynard tightened her seat belt and went through the helicopter’s pre-flight checklist a third time while swallowing her first-day-on-the-new-job jitters. With anger rising up from her gut, she looked at her watch yet again.

Her copilot shook his grey-haired head. “You better get used to it,” Ron said. “We’re on his time. Whenever he shows up, that’s when we leave.”

A gust of wind buffeted the helicopter waiting atop the Manhattan skyscraper, raising the hair on her arms. Spring was coming in like the proverbial lion this year. Another reason she was anxious to take off. Plus, it was hard to ignore eight years of military training. Sitting on this rooftop in the middle of a bull’s-eye like a target in a shooting range was winding her up.

“My directions were to have him in the air forty-five minutes ago. There’s no way I can deliver him to Boston on time now.” Through her aviator sunglasses, she glared at the rooftop access door as if the force of her stare could make him appear.

“We just do the best we can.” Ron folded back the next page of the newspaper in his lap then glanced at her. “Do you want to do the crossword puzzle while we wait?”

Taking her eyes off the closed door, she faced him. “No, thank you.” Her words sounded more clipped than she’d intended. It was hard for her to shake off the brusqueness she’d learned in the Army. It was only under the hand of a Dom that she could truly relax and soften, but ever since her last failure, she’d made a permanent retreat from that world.

Ron studied her for a moment. “This must be a big change for you from the regimented time of the military. Is this your first job in the civilian world?”

“It’s my second, and my first boss never showed up more than fifteen minutes past scheduled departure time. Is this why my predecessor left the job? Did he run out of patience?” she asked, trying for a lighter tone with her words.

Ron chuckled. “No, Jim retired after thirty years of flying for Mitchell Industries.”

Cassie liked Ron’s laugh. He reminded her of her father, and also of her regret over their current estrangement. “How many years have you worked for him?” she asked, to keep her mind off of her personal issues.

“For Evan Mitchell? Only since he became president after his father’s death five months ago, but I worked for Frank Mitchell for nearly twenty-five years.”

She tapped her watch. “Was Frank habitually late too?”

Shaking his head, Ron said, “Not really, but you gotta give the kid a break. He’s new to all this, and I don’t think he ever wanted any of it. But from what I’ve heard, he’s thrown himself headfirst into learning the business.”

“Kid?” The image of a spoiled twelve-year-old brat flashed through her mind. She’d been so desperate to get this job after being unemployed for six months she hadn’t done much research before accepting the offer from Mitchell Industries, the parent company of many well-known household brands. “How old is he?”

Ron refolded the newspaper and stowed it. “He’s thirty-one, but I’ve known him since he was seven or eight.”

At thirty-one, he was four years older than Cassie, definitely not a kid. “What did he do before taking on the family business?”

Ron grinned, deepening the creases in his sun-browned cheeks. “Quite a bit of a player, he was. Fast cars and even faster women.”

Cassie groaned inwardly. Evan Mitchell sounded like a playboy, and Ron sounded like he admired that about him. She hoped this company wasn’t run by womanizers like her last employer.

Maybe she’d be better off looking for a different job before she got herself in another awkward situation, but before she gave notice, she’d make sure she had a new position lined up. She couldn’t jump without a parachute this time, not with the financial trouble she’d gotten herself into.

“Is Evan a lot like his father?” she asked, fishing for more information about her new boss and his company.

“As a kid, Evan idolized his father, used to dress up in a suit and follow him around like a mini-me. But then in his teens, he went through the usual rebellion, which seemed to last all the way through his twenties.”

Sounded a lot like her relationship with her father, though she chose not to see herself as a rebel, rather more like an independent thinker. “Did he reconcile with his father before he died?”

Ron lifted his shoulders in a shrug. “I don’t know.”

“I hope they did,” she said quietly. She rubbed at the ache under her breastbone at the idea her father could run out of life before she reconciled with him.

In front of her, the roof access door flew open, and two men carrying briefcases rushed towards the helicopter with their heads ducked. The shorter one with white hair was Dan Jacobs, the executive assistant who’d made the final decision about hiring Cassie. He ran with a slight hobble, but the taller, dark-haired man moved with the grace of a natural athlete. His long legs ate up the distance in a heartbeat.

His black suit jacket spanned wide shoulders and tapered nicely at a narrow waist. With his eyes cast down, she couldn’t get a good look at his face, but his jaw line was sharply cut. He had the same hard look as the men she’d been surrounded with growing up as the daughter of a career Navy man, then during her years as an Army helicopter pilot.

Evan Mitchell didn’t look anything like a soft, pampered rich boy, and she had to readjust the mental image she’d created before meeting him. Unfortunately, he had the kind of fit body that always revved her throttle.

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