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25 Days of Christmas Reader Celebration: Day 18

So today is the release day for my latest Pleasures book, Arranged for Pleasure! I'm super excited!!! This is listed as the sixth book in the series. However since the series is written in trilogies, it is the last book in the second Pleasures trilogy! By the way...I'm already working on the next trilogy!

So far there are two trilogies:
The Greyson Sisters
1. Cuffed for Pleasure
2. Heated for Pleasure
3. SEALed for Pleasure

Angel Investigations
1. Guarded for Pleasure
2. Roped for Pleasure
3. Arranged for Pleasure

Today I'm giving away either a set of the first trilogy or the second trilogy, winner's choice! Remember you must comment to be entered. Plus your comment enters you in the grand prize drawing on Christmas Day! Only one entry per day. So keep visiting and comment!

River, Tara, and Kat met in the police academy, decided to forgo becoming cops and try life as private investigators instead. That easily, Angel Investigations was born.
Targeted by a killer, Kat is forced into lockdown, guarded by the three men she most wants to escape, along with her vivid memories of the night she indulged in her wildest fantasies. One woman can’t have three men as lovers forever… Can she?
Rafe has loved Kat since they were kids, spending his entire life looking after her and introducing her to his two best friends and the pleasure of being with them. He knows Kat loved every moment, despite her fleeing the following morning.  Now Rafe, Liam, and Adrian are back, helping to protect Kat and wanting only one more thing— to arrange for her pleasure, in hopes of showing her just how possible it is to keep three men forever.

Rafe couldn’t keep his eyes off of her. It hurt him to know how unhappy she was, how caged she felt, but he couldn’t allow her to leave as long as the threat of danger hovered around her. He loved her too much to allow her the freedom to get herself killed.

“She still asleep?” Liam whispered as he slipped quietly into Kat’s bedroom.

Rafe nodded, his eyes never leaving her form. She’d been tossing and turning, a bundle of restless energy even in sleep. He wanted to join her, to do his best to help her spend some of that energy. He wanted to feel the caress of her long black locks over his skin, feel the smooth whisper of her lips as well. He wanted. Period.

“We’re doing the right thing. Christ, when her brother called and said she’d been shot…I think my heart stopped for a minute.”

“It’s just like Kat to antagonize someone to protect those she loves, especially some whacked out detective intent on killing her best friends.”

“Who would’ve thought he’d have a psycho sister hidden away?” Liam shook his head. “They just get rid of one problem and pick up another.”

“And Kat nearly took our heads off when we stopped her from jumping on a plane and returning to the ranch to check on Tara.”

“Maybe we should have let her,” Rafe whispered. Maybe if she’d gone there, she wouldn’t be in danger now. Maybe they should put her on a plane now and send her home.

“She’s better off here with us,” Liam offered, their deep friendship aiding him in knowing just what Rafe was thinking. “Our best chance of ending this is by keeping her here and drawing out Juliana’s deranged boyfriend. Otherwise, we’ll always be looking over her shoulder. None of us can live like that.”

“I just wish there was another way. I hate keeping her confined with us, knowing how much she hates it.”

“I’d rather have her angry than dead. And with that hot head of hers, she’s bound to do her best to get herself caught in the crossfire.”

Kat had no sense of self-preservation. Her goading the detective into shooting her was a perfect example.

Liam continued. “She always puts everyone else first. We have to put her first. No matter how much she bitches about it.”

Once again, Rafe nodded. Liam knew how much it hurt Rafe to see Kat this way. Some days, Rafe felt like he’d spent his entire life loving her in one way or another. Liam understood how much it devastated Kat to have her every move watched, to have her independence taken away. He didn’t care; whereas, Rafe did. Liam would protect her period, even give his life to save hers. Rafe would do the same, but he’d feel guilty for making her miserable in the process.

“I want to find this bastard and rip him apart with my bare hands. Those pictures Kat has on her phone…”  His breath shuddered out as he brought those images to mind, the ones of the victims with their throats slit, their eyes glazed with fear even in death. “To think about someone doing that to her…” Rafe shook his head. “I’m not sure I could live…”

“Feeling's mutual,” Liam agreed. His glance fell to the bed where a restless Kat still slept. “I can’t help remembering her the way she looked that night. Her hair tousled around her shoulders from the things we all did together. Tight nipples red from our mouths. Those long legs splayed wide from all the fucking. She’s sure a wildcat in bed. Wouldn’t mind getting her there again.”

“Is she just a memorable night to you?”

Liam sighed and let some of his obvious frustration slip free. “You know she’s not. You know I want more. One taste of Kat will never be enough. But last time…Hell, last time, one mention of the L-word from you, one mention of maybe seeing what the four of us might find, and she ran as fast and far as she could. Ran straight to this hell hole and the current mess she’s in. I don’t want her running again. I’m tired of coming back to an empty house. I want more. We deserve more. And we all have our hearts set on Kat. Even Adrian, though he’ll do his best to deny it and pretend it’s only about the sex.”

“I want more too. But I won’t lie to her. I won’t pretend it’s only sex when it’s so much more to me.”

“My whole life I’ve watched my mom and dads, and I’ve known I want something similar someday. I want to find the perfect woman and share her with someone I trust to watch over her if anything happens to me. I want Kat to be that woman. There’s such strength, such fire inside her. She’s more woman than one man could ever hope to handle.” He grinned, shrugging his shoulders in what Rafe understood was an attempt to lighten the tone of conversation. “Good thing I’ve got you and Adrian to help.”

Rafe chuckled. Liam was damn lucky Rafe had decided to introduce the guys to Kat and had persuaded Kat into the one night they’d all spent together. “What about Adrian?”

“He puts up a good front, but I’ve noticed he can’t keep his eyes off her.”

Rafe shrugged. “Sure, he wants to have sex with her again. But does he want more? Or is he just along for the ride. I don’t want Kat hurt.”

“Adrian would die before he purposely hurt a woman. He’s not built that way.”

“But he’s bound and determined he’ll never fall in love.”

“Maybe it has something to do with finally agreeing to see where things might go with a woman and having her disappear the next morning. Does a number to the pride.”

“She’s scared,” Rafe stated.

“Kat?” Liam shook his head. “That girl’s not scared of anything.”

“Sure she is,” Rafe replied. “She’s afraid of getting too attached. We might let her down.”

“We might make her sigh with pleasure every day for the rest of her,” Liam countered.

“Ahhh, but she’d have to be willing to take the risk in order to find out.”

Liam shook his head. “If we don’t wear her down soon, I think my zipper will be permanently tattooed into my dick.”

Rafe chuckled softly again. “Let’s go find Adrian.” He glanced back at Kat. She was finally motionless on the bed. He knew exactly what that implied. The hellion was awake, but Kat, being Kat, wouldn’t move as long as they were in the room. She’d just keep pretending to be asleep and eavesdrop. He figured they’d given her enough to think about.

He stepped out of the room after Liam and pulled the door shut behind them. He loved Kat, but he wasn’t sure he could be unselfish enough to let her walk away if she decided one night with the three of them was all she wanted. He knew it wasn’t; he’d seen the awe, the satisfaction on her face that night. She’d run because she was scared.

Kat had one hell of a tough girl act going for her. But Rafe knew the truth. No one loved with the intensity of Kat or with the passion. When she gave you her word, it meant everything. And when she finally decided to give her heart, it would be forever.

He just hoped she’d open her eyes and realize she had nothing to fear from him, Liam, or Adrian. He wished the fact both her friends were currently in relationships with multiple men would open her eyes to the possibilities that existed. She could love all three of them with no fear. They’d do everything within their power to keep her happy and satisfied. All she had to do was take a chance.

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