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25 Days of Christmas Reader Celebration: Day 19

Today on the blog I have Nancy Corrigan with her wonderful book Unexpected Find! Remember you must comment to be entered to win. Plus your comment enters you in the grand prize drawing on Christmas Day! Only one entry per day. All winners selected via So keep visiting and comment!

Unexpected Find by Nancy Corrigan
Series Blurb:

As multi-feline shifters, Royals—the privileged descendants of the gods—live with the wants and demands of the animal spirits sharing their bodies. Everything is more intense for a Royal—their primal drives, possessiveness and lusts. Exotically beautiful and strong, these immortals never lack companionship but once their mating instincts are triggered, nothing sways their devotion or dims their desire.

Their dominant natures demand they claim their female’s body and soul, ensuring their chosen one knows exactly to whom they belong. Once marked as a Royal’s beloved, their women realize how wickedly satisfying life can be with a mate focused on meeting their every need.

Book Blurb
Royal Pride, Book 1

Since the murder of her best friend, Jazz is stuck in a safe but lonely way of life. She’s willing to sacrifice everything to keep her family safe from the shifter world. The sexy stranger who struts into her friend’s bar changes everything. From the first glance Jazz knows she’s sunk—their chemistry sizzles from across the room, it’ll be undeniable up close.

Rafe wants Jazz from the second he sets eyes on her. The depth of the need that swamps him every time he’s near her surprises him. It takes every last ounce of his self-control not to pounce on Jazz and make her his. Only her distrust of his shifter nature holds him back. He counts it as a win every time his beloved human gives in to their passion and takes him to her bed. But Rafe’s patience isn’t infinite and he’ll do whatever it takes, face any danger—past or present—to ensure that Jazz becomes his. Forever.

Excerpt – rated R

The red numbers of the alarm clock cast a faint glow over the bed. Rafe swept his arm out and knocked it off the side. She tensed, but his warm breath and the scent of cinnamon drifted to her. His presence chased away the unease being in the pitch black brought. She felt safe in his arms but when he moved away, she panicked. She reached out, met air.


She turned, bumped into the bed and nearly tripped but a muscled arm wrapped around her waist. He yanked her back against his chest. The hard line of his arousal pressed into her bottom. She reached back. His denim-covered thigh met her touch, the muscles flexing as he rubbed the ridge of his erection against her. She trembled. Soon he’d be inside her, pleasuring her. Her breathing quickened.

A tiny part of her conscience warned her that this was happening too fast. She ignored the annoying voice and focused on how needy her body was for him. Her breasts tingled and her clit pulsed, eager for the counter pressure of Rafe’s thumb or his tongue. No, she didn’t want to ease into the act or play more foreplay games. Those might open her up to the feelings she was trying to avoid.

Sex. That’s what they came here for. She wanted him to fuck her all damn night, make her come over and over until she couldn’t move. No more waiting.

She lifted his hands to the erect buds. “Touch me.”

A growl rumbled his chest. The primal sound made the ache in her womb grow. He molded the weight of her breast, massaging the achy flesh while he kissed his way down the column of her throat. At the dip where shoulder met neck, he nibbled. Each nip sent a jolt of desire down her spine. The tiny pinch of pain appealed to her. As if he sensed it, he latched his mouth over the spot and bit until the pleasure bordered on pain before easing back. 

He grabbed the hem of her top and tugged it over her head. The bra came off next. Cool air hit the sensitive tips. She shivered but his palms covered them in the next breath. The warmth of his touch seeped into her. He slowly massaged her breasts and the gentle kneading left her squirming in his arms. Perfect. She focused on the sensations and ignored the way his tender attentions made her heart flip over.

He flicked the peaks. Sparks ignited, centered in the tips. He did it again and the electric pulse skipped across her skin. She waited, her pants filling her ears, for what he’d do next. With the blunt edge of a nail, he circled the areola. She moaned and he stilled with the rough edges of his fingers clamped around the bud. He kissed her neck, licked the spot he’d teased a moment ago, but didn’t move his fingers. She arched into his embrace, silently begging him to tug on the erect nipples, roll them, flick them, do something. But he only held them clamped between his calloused fingertips.

“Rafe, please,” she groaned.

Instead of meeting her unspoken demand, he let the hard points go and molded her breast. She covered his hands with hers and pushed her chest forward, rubbing the points into his palms. He pulled them back, denying her the relief she craved.

“What do you want from me?”

She couldn’t voice her need so she turned in his arms, reached up and grabbed a fistful of hair. With the handful of strands, she tugged and dragged him to her heavy flesh. 

“Mmmm, yes, you have beautiful breasts. Full, lush mounds meant to be suckled.” He brushed his lips over the tips and she moaned. “Are they sensitive?”

“Very. They ache.”

He pulled back. “I bet.”

He was teasing her? Oh no. She was too aroused for games. Desperate for relief, she cupped the weight of one breast and lifted it to his mouth, offering herself.

“Do you want my mouth here?” Rafe asked with a small tap of his finger to the hard point.

She heard the amusement in his tone but was beyond caring. “Yes, please. Lick me.”

He swept over the peak with his flattened tongue. She sucked in a breath, held it, but he didn’t repeat the teasing lick. She whimpered. Damn the man. Couldn’t he see how aroused she was? She needed him. She tightened her grip on his hair and brushed the bud over his lips, tempting him while torturing herself.

“Demanding woman,” he muttered but he closed his mouth over the tip.

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  1. I've just recently started to get into sci-fi erotica, Nancy's book is on my TBR list!

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  2. Another book to add to my TBR list.

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