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25 Days of Christmas Reader Celebration: Day 9

Ella Laurance graces us today with her sexy read The Art of Pleasure! Remember to comment to be entered for your chance to win a copy of this book as well as an entry in the grand prize drawing on Christmas Day!

The Art of Pleasure by Ella Laurance


Marie Dewey collects paintings and sexual experiences with different men, and her billionaire husband Trevor loves nothing more than to fulfil all her wishes…

Billionaire Trevor Dewey has two great talents—making money and loving his wife, Marie. Marie, in her turn, has two great loves—her husband and art. She’s also a sexual freethinker who enjoys one-night stands with other men in the company of her own husband.

Trevor wants nothing more than to make his wife happy, so when she falls in lust with his personal assistant and best friend, Callum, and Callum returns her feelings, he decides to take both of them to his private island off the coast of Scotland for a weekend of sex. And both men will bring Marie to several unbelievable heights of pleasure during one weekend.

All three know this will be a one-time thing only before life returns to normal.



“You look ravishing this morning.” Trevor Dewey said those same words every day when he saw his wife, Marie, at the breakfast table. And every morning he meant them with such fierce honesty it made her blush like a teenage girl on her first real date with her first real boyfriend.

“Thank you.” She poured him his first cup of coffee. That too was a tradition as old as their marriage.

She was the most beautiful woman he had ever laid eyes on. Of course, there was a certain subjectivity in his assessment of the physical attractiveness of his wife. Beauty would always remain in the eyes of the beholder. He wasn’t blind, however, and he had looked around enough during his forty-three years on this earth to know that Marie was a total stunner with her naturally honey-blonde hair, eyes as blue as the sky on a summer’s day and perfect hourglass figure. Almost ten years ago he had fallen head over heels in love with her and that love had only grown with time.

They talked quietly about their plans for the day, about the official opening of the new electronics factory that needed to be postponed to next week and about a dozen other ‘this and remind me of that’ details that kept them connected with reality. Trevor had learned to delegate because no amount of money could make his day last even one second longer than that of the poorest man. A steep learning curve had led him to the point where he knew exactly what to leave to others and what to keep firmly in his own hands. It had cost him his first marriage and a huge chunk of his fortune, but also brought him the woman he loved beyond what he had ever held possible and made him a billionaire.

Personal assistant Callum Hill played a huge role in making the most of Trevor’s time, with his almost uncanny talent to see connections between people and events. Callum knew what Trevor knew, plus a lot more, and it made Trevor’s days look a lot longer than they actually were.

Marie’s soft voice interrupted his musings. “Where are your thoughts hiding?”

“I was thinking about the hours in a day and now I remember that I have a little surprise for you,” Trevor casually said between two bites of toast. “Perhaps you’d like to take a look at it after we’ve finished breakfast?”

Marie’s whole face lit up. “More art? Another painting for my museum?”

“Well, I could have gone for another car or a diamond necklace…”

“You’re teasing me.”

“Jewellery wouldn’t do anything for you and why would I spend money on something that would make you smile politely at best? For status? I have more money in the bank than I could possibly spend in several lifetimes and I want to use some of it in a way that makes the woman I love actually happy.”

“You make me happy. Just you being you.” She looked at him with earnest eyes. “I know there’s no way of proving this, because by the time you captured my heart you already had millions to spare.”

“I remember so well when I first saw you at the opening of cousin Sylvia’s first solo exhibition. You were staring at ‘Portrait of a Girl, Aged 15’ and I couldn’t keep my eyes from you. I had no idea who you were, but I knew that if you wouldn’t become my wife, something essential would be missing from my life.”

“We started a conversation. I wanted you to go away at first, because I needed to concentrate on the painting, but you were cute in your own way…” Marie teased.

“You told me you knew you would almost certainly never see this painting again because it would go to a private collector, and for that reason you tried to memorise it so it would forever remain part of your life.”

“Then you talked with your cousin and she put a red sticker on the painting I had been falling in love with for the last half hour and which I knew I could never afford, and you looked at me and said, ‘It’s yours’.”

“After which you said…”

“‘…I can’t accept this, because I’ll never be able to pay you back’.”

“But you did, with nearly ten years of pure heavenly bliss. It is I who’s indebted to you.”

Marie grinned. “Hey, I’m not exactly a saint.”

“That, my love, is as true as can be. When I looked at that classy woman in vintage dress quietly admiring a painting, I had no idea she would be the devil incarnate in bed. But then, with you having a body like that, why would I even be surprised?”

“I still maintain my sexual passion lives in my head, my imagination, not in my tits.”

“Still, glorious they are, your tits.” Trevor stood up and reached for his wife’s hand. “Are you ready for your surprise?” He led her to the central hall of the mansion, anticipation of her joy singing in his belly.

He wasn’t disappointed, because when he removed the cloth that hid the rectangular object to reveal the painting her surprised gasp was music to his ears.

“Tamara de Lempicka… ‘Andromeda’…”


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  2. Lacey,

    You had me at 'private island for a weekend of sex'!


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