Monday, May 12, 2014

Upcoming Projects

Where has all the time gone? I swear we were just complaining about the cold, and now it's in the 90's! I think I blinked, and Spring was gone! But I remember the cold vividly, and I'm more than ready for the summer heat wave!
I've had several new books out this year, and I'm delighted with how much readers have enjoyed them. February saw the release of Cured by Pleasure, my 7th book in the Pleasures series. The sex started quickly, lol! But then it is a Pleasures book!

Then in March, I debuted a brand new series, Awakening Pride. This is a shifter series that explores the intricacies of what it means to discover you are more than you thought, more than human. I'm loving this series and can't wait to explore it more.

In April, I had the 8th Pleasures book release, Faithful in Pleasure. I have to say I'm blown away by the love readers are showing the Pleasures series. Thank you all so much! Deja certainly found her three Marines faithful in the pleasure they provided her.

So here it is May, and what does the rest of the year hold? Well... a lot!!! This makes me very happy!
I have the next Awakening Pride, Tempting the Tiger, expected to release June 25! That will be followed by the 9th Pleasures book, Agents of Pleasure, on July 9. August will see the 3rd Awakening Pride book. October, I'm planning to have a spine tingling stand alone Pleasures book! Then December will see the 4th Awakening Pride book!

That's a lot!!! But not all!

I also have two special projects I'm working on for release this year! All I can say right now is I firmly believe in saving a horse...

I'd love to say I have firm plans to add a few additional stories to other series. I do have plans...just not firm. I'm hoping time will show up in my schedule to allow me to work on a few projects that I have. IF not... I will plan them into next years schedule. Among these projects are the next Bare Love book, a new Marquetti Amore, a follow up to Enforced Love and Confined Love, and a new Shifters Veil book. I also hope to wrap up the Debtor's Daughters series as well as Blood Magic, and have plans for a new Lottery Bride book. So hang in there! I promise, I'm working on getting to all my series.

Hope I've answered any questions you may have had on upcoming releases! If not, please comment and I'll do my best to answer for you.

Bottom line is I'm nothing but a dreamer without my readers. I love you guys. You've literally enabled me to live my dream. Thank you will never be able to convey just what you all mean to me! Still, I give it to you.

Happy Reading!

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