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Bewitched for Pleasure is here!

Bewitched for Pleasure

Pleasures Book 10

by Lacey Thorn


Brenna has always been a little on the shy side, or maybe she just feels overshadowed by her more outgoing best friend. Either way, enough is enough. This Halloween, she’s going to have some fun with one of the three hunks she’s had a crush on forever. The only question is—which one might be interested in her?


Scott, Travis and Kyle have been the best of friends most of their lives. None of them really planned on coming back to their hometown or finding little Brenna all grown up and sexy as hell. They all want her, and no one is willing to walk away.


A full moon, candlelight and the casting of a spell will make this Halloween one none of them will ever forget.


Feeling satisfied with that answer, she reached for the red candle, intending to blow it out again and clean the table, when the heavens opened up, and rain drenched her to the skin in seconds. Brenna looked down at the robe plastered to her body and felt the sodden ropes of hair plastered to her skull worse than when she’d been in the shower. There was nothing to do but throw her head back and laugh.

She opened her arms wide and just let the rain wash over her. She stepped off the patio into the cool, slick grass and turned in a slow circle. It was actually pretty warm for October, and the water felt good on her skin. The combination of the rain and the slight breeze felt like a lover’s caress over her body. Her nipples swelled and tingled, and her pussy ached with the need to be filled.

This was what she loved about living so far out in the country with only one way into her property. Privacy. She opened the belt on her robe and slid the silk panels wide before sliding it off her shoulders to land at her feet. She stood naked under the full moon with the water glistening on her skin. And just that quickly, the rain ceased. She blinked wet lashes up at the sky and laughed again as the breeze picked up and seemed to swirl around her. What the hell had been in that wine Chel had bought?

“Jesus Christ.”

Brenna spun around as Scott’s voice echoed through the air and found herself facing the three men who’d filled her thoughts far more often than they should.

“I… What… Are you really here?” she asked.

“We’d have been here sooner if we knew you liked to dance naked in the night,” Kyle said.

“I’m feeling way overdressed,” Travis added and shrugged off his leather jacket.

Brenna looked at them for a moment then shook her head and laughed again. “Fuck that wine is some good stuff. I’m not just chanting spells about you three coming here and having sex with me. Now, I’m hallucinating, too.”

She bent over and retrieved her robe from the ground. Masculine groans filled the air, making her giggle at how realistic it was. She straightened and glanced at them again. They hadn’t moved, not an inch. That’s how she knew they were part of her imagination. If they’d come across her naked, they would have turned their backs like the gentlemen they always were around her. Or they would have fled in the other direction, giving her privacy. These three just stood, watching.

She stepped onto the patio and blinked as she caught sight of the candle flames still burning. Her gaze flicked over her body. She didn’t look wet. She didn’t feel soaked, and her robe was merely damp as if from the moisture left after her shower. Had the rain been an illusion, as well? She shook her head, bent to blow out the candles again and walked inside, sliding shut the door and locking it once more. Coffee. Maybe she should be making coffee.


“Did she just walk away thinking we weren’t real?” Travis asked.

“Yeah, but I’m more focused on the ‘chanting spells to have sex with all of us’ thing she said,” Kyle said.

“She was naked,” Scott said. “Every fucking glorious inch of her. Naked.”

“Yeah,” Travis and Kyle agreed with a groan.

“So, I’m thinking we need to rethink our game plan,” Travis said.

Scott laughed. “Yeah, somehow I don’t think she’ll be picking between us.”

“Seems like she wants us all,” Kyle said, sounding a little stunned.

Travis grinned. “Seems like our little Bre is a kinky vixen.”

“A sexy as hell, kinky vixen,” Scott agreed.

“So anyone backing out, or are we sharing?” Kyle asked, getting to the heart of the matter.

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