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My Sexy Sensei

I would love to introduce readers to one of my favorite books, which just happens to be releasing in print today. It is still available in e-book formats as well.

My Sexy Sensei


Lisa Hampton is as committed in her career as a martial artist as she is to her management career as a CPA, but a woman in the traditional Japanese martial arts is seldom taken seriously...especially by men.

At least not until one hot and hunky man takes her very seriously.
James Rhee runs his own brand of martial arts studio, teaching movie stars who want to shine in their onscreen stunts. A highly commercialized way of teaching that Lisa genuinely feels uncomfortable with. She prefers to teach dedicated students for the right reasons.

But she soon finds it’s damn hard to refuse the maddening man anything…including her body. Before she knows it, she’s let her guard down and sinfully sizzling sex has turned into something she simply can’t fight.

Excerpt copyright 2014
by Fran Lee

“An instructor receives a base salary plus commissions on private lessons. Private lessons are a hundred and eighty dollars an hour. The instructor keeps half. We try to schedule at least three private lessons daily and one group per day for each instructor. To earn your base salary you’ll be asked to teach four group classes a week in the big classroom.”

I stared at him. “Your students must be made of money to pay such rates.”

“We’re the best. We give our customers exactly what they need and want. We make stars here. We tutor actors and actresses in the martial arts. People pay high prices to get the best.” He let his gaze move down my suit. “I can guarantee you’ll make one hell of a lot more than just basic salary. There’s a market for what we sell here.” His dark eyes traveled over my flushed face. “We sell results. We sell our skills, and despite their youth and their lack of good manners my instructors are the best. Each one of them is a world-class champion competitor or fighter.” His smile was quietly enigmatic.

I lifted my brows, feeling oddly like a fish out of water. “Then what am I doing here? I haven’t been in a competition anywhere. I have no world championship titles and I certainly have never taught the way you do. I don’t know if I can teach that way.” My stomach was still tight. I felt as if I were babbling again.

“Our students don’t come for a full training course. Most come asking for specifics. Only a very few are beginners.” He shrugged and I nearly swallowed my tongue as those massive shoulders rippled under that incredibly tight shirt. “Many of them already have advanced rank. We tutor according to each student’s ability. About half of our students have brown belts or higher in some style or other. And in answer to your first question, you’re here because you have the look my students expect in my teachers.”

I blinked, my cheeks red. “Look? What look is that?”

“You walk like a tigress and look like an angel. You have that aura of danger lurking just below the calm surface, deceptively sweet and beautiful yet fully capable of inflicting extreme damage when necessary.” 

I felt my cheeks heat to crimson. “Well. No one ever told me that before.” I drew a deep breath and exhaled carefully. “So you hired me more for what I look like than for what I can teach?” My stomach was still trying to launch itself through my throat. 

Damn it. Why am I so affected by every look and smile from him?

“Of course not, but only one woman in ten thousand has your combination of looks and abilities and I have the feeling that you could make a great deal of money working here if you wanted to.” 

Shaking away the teeny-bopper infatuation, I gazed up at him. “I’ve never taught this way before. I don’t think I can do it.”

“You’ll never know until you’ve tried.” His dark eyes measured my expression. 

“I genuinely don’t think I can do that.”

“I think you can.”

I shook my head adamantly. “I teach traditional values and techniques. I teach from the ground up and I don’t feel comfortable showing advanced techniques to people who simply wish to impress a director with their karate skills.”

Oh God, don’t look at me like that. My scintillating dream rose to haunt me.

He gazed at me for a long moment before saying quietly, “If I came to you and asked you to show me the right way to hold a spear, would you do it?”

I frowned. “That’s different. You have control and skill and I would know that you wouldn’t hurt yourself or another person with what I taught you.” He was too damn persuasive. I was losing ground and I hadn’t even tried to climb.

“It’s no different. Our students are learning a skill to use in their work.” He ran a lean hand through his thick black hair. “Like the ballet instructor who teaches balance and poise at a modeling school. Those women will never become ballerinas, but those skills will enhance their chances of looking good in their chosen profession.”

“I never really thought about it like that. You’ve made your point.”

Fran Lee Romance


My name is Fran Lee, and I write sizzling hot, delicious romance that leaves a reader wanting more. I write erotic contemporary, erotic paranormal, erotic shape shifter, erotic cowboy and just plain erotic...but always with a happily ever after. I love to add a dash (or three) of humor even in the hottest stories. I want readers to enjoy my books on many levels.

I began writing many years ago but never submitted anything to a publisher until the mid eighties. I found an agent that absolutely loved my stuff, and together we amassed a ton of reject letters...always saying the same thing..."too erotic for our house" or "Try Penthouse or Playboy".

So I packed away my too hot books and went about my life for a few more years (twenty-three to be exact) until I found a book by Jaid Black. Ecstatic that someone, somewhere, might like my book, I submitted to Ellora's Cave. And got another reject. What?

"Not hot enough".

Well, the rest is history. I learned to turn loose that inner siren and let 'er rip. I now have twenty-five books, novellas, short stories, and print books to my credit, and have begun to self-publish, as well. 



Out of Her Dreams

Hallie's Cats 

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My Sexy Sensei 

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 Print books and anthologies:

Out of Her Dreams
Hard Work, Hot Boss
Needing a Cougar (Cougar Challenge Anthology)
Broken Rules
Modern Tastes (Contemporary Anthology)

Self Published:

Just One Wish...a Holiday Wishes Tale

Her Valentines Wish...a Holiday Wishes Tale

The Holiday Wishes Tales (Compilation of short stories)

Their Alpha Bitch 

Ride the Night Winds: Hunter's Moon


Blog site: http://franleesromanceblog/



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Happy Reading!

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  5. Looks great and I love the cover art.

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