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The Demon Chronicles

Here's a look at another one of my series, The Demon Chronicles. This is a trilogy of stories and is available in both e-book and print versions. I'll be giving away a print anthology with all three stories in it to one of you who comments!

Sometimes appearances can be deceiving...


Outcasts in their home world, Serephin, Carami and Brahman decide to risk it all and venture to a new place—the human world—praying they might find a form of sanctuary. While they discover they're no longer segregated as they were in their realm, their unique genetic traits just might get them killed. Struggling to overcome the odds, they take a stand against those determined to destroy them, and discover that love is the one risk worth fighting for.


Excerpt from Serephin

“Drallan, I think she awakens.”

She heard the voice just to the right and managed to keep her eyes closed. She explored with her other senses. She was lying on a soft surface, bedding of some sort. They smelled of musk and man. It was an alluring scent. There was a man beside her and another somewhere within the room she was in.

She was in Zandova, and she was alone. She shifted slightly and realized something else. She was naked. Her clothes and her pack were gone. Not a big deal with the flow of demon magic in her veins, but an inconvenience none-the-less. If she remembered her lore correctly, humans weren’t big on nudity, preferring even to engage in their sexual trysts with partial clothing or in the dark.

She fluttered her eyes open and moaned for good measure. According to what she’d heard all her life, human women were weak, frail. She must act the part as best she could.

“What…? Where am I?”

“Easy.” The man by the bed was big, muscles bulging in his arms and chest, which was deliciously bare. Interesting. His eyes were a tawny color, so light a brown they were almost golden. They went well with his golden skin and hair.

“Who are you? Where am I?” She tried to make her voice sound a little fearful, but she found the emotion hard to embrace. It just wasn’t in her.

“She’s awake?” Another man questioned as he entered the room. He must be the one the other called Drallan.

This one was completely clothed, but just as large. The human male was definitely not weak, at least in form. He had dark hair that hung well past his shoulders and a sword strapped on his back. A warrior of some kind it seemed. She should have read more of this world instead of just listening to Carami. Carami was the one of the three of them who knew the most about this world. And with her mouth and temper, it was Carami who would probably get into the most trouble on her own.

Serephin groaned. Her first course of action must be to find Carami.

“Is she ill?” Drallan asked, as he approached the other side of the bed.

A hand came out to touch her forehead, then slid beneath the covering to rest on her chest. He didn’t fondle or even touch much of her breasts, just splayed his open hand over the top.

“I feel no fever,” the tawny one said and pulled his hand out.

“Get her water, Morgrin,” Drallan commanded and sat beside her on the bed. “How do you feel this morning?”

“How long have I been here? Where am I? Was there another with me?”

“Whoa,” Drallan commanded and held his hand up. “We will exchange questions and answers soon. First, you must drink. You have been asleep for longer than is usual, and I would see your body replenished.”

She took the cup Morgrin offered and drained it completely before handing it back to him. She was thirsty. Too thirsty. “How long have I been asleep?”

“This is the third day,” Morgrin told her and held the refilled cup out to her.

She took it and sipped, allowing her mind to absorb the news. Three days. She had been unconscious for three days. Where were Carami and Brahman?

Please, let them be safe. Brahman would be helpless enough without his full powers at his disposal. She must force his freedom on him as soon as they saw one another again. He would need it to survive in this new world. He could not be tied to her forever.

“What is your name?” Drallan asked.

A question for a question. At least this was one she could easily answer.


“A beautiful name,” Morgrin said, taking the cup from her and setting it aside.

“Where am I?”

“You are in our home,” Drallan said. “Lucky for you, my brother and I were headed back here when we found you. I’m not sure how you managed to get so far onto our lands without discovery. Had another found you, you could have been killed instantly.”

“Your people are prone to kill women?”

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