Saturday, December 27, 2014

Want to get Stacked?

Start your new year with some of the hottest authors of 2014. 15 Books, 15 authors, all bundled in one epic giveaway. Enter to win 12/22/14 thru 1/1/15.

What's up for the winning? Check out this list:



Insidious by Aleatha Romig

One to Hold by Tia Louise

Last Resort by Kate Roth

Blue Falcon by Tia Catalina

Heartless by Vanessa Marie

Soundless Silence by M. Katherine Clark

Good Karma by Donya Lynne

Waking the Beast by Lacey Thorn

Revealed by Britni Hill

Embracing Destiny by Suzanne Purewal

No Stranger by Anya Breton

For Nicky by A.D. Ellis

The Cheyenne Bride by J.J. Devine

Intoxicated by Jeana E. Mann

Ember's Center by Jillian Jacobs

You can access the contest and enter the rafflecopter here: 
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Here's a look at three of the books in the giveaway!

Blue Falcon by Tia Catalina

Devastated by her combat experiences, former Marine Grace Garcia is unable to adjust to civilian life until a wayward postcard sends her on a mission that places her in the path of Jared Cooper, the new Special Agent in Charge of the Phoenix ATF.
With a new job and a new daughter, Jared has no interest in a new relationship, but when seemingly unrelated events result in a dangerous threat to their lives, he offers Grace refuge.
When witnesses and suspects die before they can talk, Jared becomes convinced the threats are originating close to home, but the perpetrator is always one step ahead as he searches for answers.
As the stakes get higher, can Grace once again embrace her warrior past?
Caught in a nest of deception, can Jared unravel the lies to find the truth before another life slips away?
The truth lies in uncovering the elusive Blue Falcon.

Heartless by Vanessa Marie

18+ For Mature Language and Sexual Content. 
All the other girls had a normal childhood, full of Girl Scouts and sleepovers, but Charlie Evans wasn't so lucky. Her life had been spent in and out the Cardiac Care Unit and moving across the country with her military father.
So when Charlie finds out she's moving back to her home town, she hopes things will finally be different. She has learned the hard way not to let anyone in. People always let her down, and it wasn't easy to trust anyone new. 
That was until Sam Greyson walks into her life and threatens to knock down every wall she'd ever built to protect herself. With Sam in the picture, Charlie decides to take one last shot and open herself up. 
With Sam's help, she is finally able to let someone see the real, bruised and damaged girl inside. That is until she is forced to make a decision between her own happiness and ruining Sam's life to be with him. If giving him up meant he could have a normal life...She would do it, in a broken heartbeat.

Soundless Silence by M. Katherine Clark
Taking a deep breath, Watson nodded. He could accept it. He could even understand it. And it made him smile... Sherlock Holmes was human after all.

Sherlock Holmes, London’s most celebrated consulting detective, is, by all accounts, a very difficult man to live with. His longtime companion, Dr. John Watson must be one of the most patient men alive. As the two bicker one day regarding Watson’s write up of their previous case, Holmes refuses Watson’s invitation to join him that evening for some… otherworldly entertainment. Renowned clairvoyant and illusionist, Pierre Bastion is the last person Holmes wants to see that evening. Only when the clairvoyant turns his attention to Sherlock Holmes do things become intriguing. Bastion’s little deductions makes Holmes suddenly agitated and in a state that Watson has never seen.
When a string of horrific murders, linked to the Boxer Rebellion in China, has Scotland Yard in a tizzy, Sherlock Holmes is in the midst of it all. Knowing his friend is holding a great secret, Watson vows to help in any way he can. That means keeping the most earth shattering news about the great detective quiet. As a deadly foe once more appears in his life, Sherlock is joined by some unique characters and the perceived history of Sherlock Holmes is put to the test. 
You can also access the rafflecopter on Jillian's page!
Happy Reading!
Lacey Thorn
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