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Why We Love Genre Mash-Ups! (And Your Should, Too)

Why We Love Genre Mash-ups (And You Should, Too!)

Greetings, readers of book sizes great and small! I am Genella deGrey and it would be my privilege to discuss with you a topic that has flown under the radar for most of us:

Genre Mash-ups

(AKA, Mixed Genre, or what I lovingly refer to as a ‘mashie.’)

First, let’s explore an explanation of today’s topic with which you may be slightly more familiar – or possibly help you to understand what exactly a Genre Mash-up is, in the medium of Feature Films. Here is a short list of motion pictures off the top of my head that either started off as literature or were written for the big screen:

Cowboys vs. Aliens

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

The Three Musketeers (2011, Orlando Bloom, Luke Evans, Milla Jovovich, just to name a few)

Sukiyaki Western Dejango

Back to the Future III

Kung fu Hustle

The obvious ones are Cowboys vs. Aliens, Sukiyaki Western Dejango and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

The films titles that may be on the down low about their subjects are as follows and why:

The Three Musketeers — (2011 – the reason I feel compelled to mark the year is because there have been so many Musketeers films made – what can I say? The book is a classic.) You may or may not know this, but this particular historical mashes with Steampunk – which is normally Victorian time-period or post-apocalyptic/futuristic, rather than during the time of Louis XIV, in the early 1700’s. Sound weird? Well, there are plenty of gorgeous men to ogle – all of them in period clothing (a passion of mine). If that’s not incentive enough to take a look-see, than I don’t know what is. ;)

Back to the Future III — Historical/Sci-fi/comedy. Now that’s a mashie!

Kung Fu Hustle — Comedy/gangster-crime and echoes of Kung Fu moves. Kinda fantasy, kinda historical (1940’s). This one is definitely good for a few giggles.

“So what’s the big deal about genre mash-ups,” you might ask?

On the happy side, if you find two genres you adore that are woven together in the same story, you have a win-win on your hands. For instance: Think of two of your favorite genres… Now Google them together. I’ll bet there has been a book (or film) already written or in the works that will be of interest to you. How can you not love that?

What is the most difficult thing about a genre mash-up?

I can tell you from experience, trying to sell a genre mash-up novel will get you into a bit of a sticky wicket almost every time. Publishers, quite understandably, have no idea how to market a genre mash-up. One example would be historical/sci-fi. How would one advertise that kind of mash-up? Who is your target audience? For the majority of people, those are two VERY different genres. (Although I would like to point out that if Back to the Future III did it, it CAN be done successfully ;) )

It happened one dark and stormy night in a galaxy far, far away… ;)

When I first pitched my book, Remember Me, (where angels, demons and vampires lingered, mingled and caused a whole lot of trouble for a handful of people in Victorian England) We must speculate that the woman to whom I pitched it had no clue how to market my idea. Instead of admitting that, she ended up telling me that because God was mentioned in the story, it would never sell.

Um… Angels. Duh! It’s kinda hard NOT to mention the leader of the army… Incidentally, Remember Me DID get published by the very next person I pitched it to.

Fall in love with Genre Mash-ups

As it turns out, Remember Me (RM), an ensemble piece (meaning the novel has many characters whose storylines intertwine and intersect throughout the book) became the flagship novel, first in a series of angel/demon books currently in the works. They will all be stand-alone stories, however, RM is the first —the world-building book— and each story thereafter will take place in different times throughout history using that established world. Once I have three books out, I will likely refer to them as the Equilibrium Series (working title.)

The second book, Sins of the Flesh (published by Totally Bound and available on Amazon) is an erotic romance that mashes angel/demon/historical (that even includes a scene with the H & H from RM.)

BTW, I really do adore genre mash-ups. Another of my books (unrelated to the above-mentioned novels) is Oasis of Eden, a re-release, due out February 13, 2015 through my UK publisher, Totally Bound. OoE takes place in 1923 and is an historical/erotic/romance with a sci-fi twist mashie. :)

One lucky winner (chosen by Lacey Thorn, mistress of this blog)

…will get PDF versions of both Remember Me and Sins of the Flesh.

Mash It Up Challenge:

After reading this article, can you think of genre mash-ups that might be of interest to you that you haven’t been able to find yet? Post them in the comments and perhaps you’ll spark the imagination of an author or two. We want to write books everyone loves to read, so in essence, your wish is our command :)

Find and read a mashie or two. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Blessings to you and yours in the new year and always,


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Happy Reading!

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  1. I'm sure I have read a lot of genre mash-ups but never thought of them as such. Thanks for making me aware.

  2. Love this blog post! Thank you! I like the term mashies.

    Going to have to think on some favorites.

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