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Hump Day Hump Scene!

I decided to share something hot today. I mean, it's hump day! So why not share a smoking hot sex scene?


So how about a look inside the sex life of one of my favorite couples, Tah and Abby?

Here you go:

No words were spoken as he parked the bike and helped her off. He laced their fingers as he led her to the room. Another inhale and he pulled they keycard out and unlocked the door. His eyes met hers as he held it open for her. Everything was about to change again, and she only hoped these changes didn’t destroy her heart.
She heard the soft click as the door shut behind her, and she turned to watch him. He’d picked up some type of safety bar and used it to secure the door before he turned to her. She licked her lips in anticipation as he caught the hem of his T-shirt and almost ripped it as he pulled it off and tossed it aside.
“Tah.” Her voice was breathy, husky, and she couldn’t stop herself from backing to the wall as he stalked toward her.
“Strip.” The words left his clenched jaw as he dropped his hand to his belt.
She could see he was shaking.
“Too long,” he growled as he pulled the belt free and tossed it aside before going to work on his jeans. “We were apart too long.” He rolled his shoulders and neck as he popped the button loose and tugged down the zipper. “I can’t be apart from you. It drives me insane with need, Abby.”
His eyes met hers. Brown with yellow swirling through them. She felt a tremor rock her core as heat swept through her. His eyes dipped almost closed as he inhaled her lust. His lips edged back, revealing the full length of his canines, and damn, if the sight didn’t make her pussy cream more. She should be terrified.
“Abby, if you don’t want me to sprout those claws you thought you saw and shred your clothes from your body, you really need to strip.”
Abby gulped as she bent to untie her boots and kick them off. Tah moved to the edge of the bed and sat to remove his boots and socks. She reached for her jeans and taking a deep breath, pushed them down her hips and off.
Utah growled as his eyes latched onto her bare pussy. She’d been so worried about him seeing her scar, she’d forgotten she wasn’t wearing panties.
“I’m a virgin,” she whispered as he stood and moved toward her.
His head rolled again, and she swore his chest puffed out.
“Mine,” he rumbled as he scooped her into his arms and turned back to place her on the bed, coming down over her.
His mouth took hers before she could say anything further. She knew better than to argue with the primal claim he’d just made. Not when she could see the animal so close to the surface, as the golden yellow that must be the eyes of the lion fought the warm brown of the man.
He only left her mouth long enough to jerk her shirt over her head. Then he was back, hot, hard, and naked as his hands made quick work of her bra and tossed it aside. He burned her, setting her nerves on fire with a lust she’d never imagined could exist. Her breasts were crushed beneath the power of his chest as his hands explored and caressed her.
His mouth finally left hers, and she gulped in air, not wanting to pass out and miss a moment of this. His teeth scraped over her neck again as he slid down until his hot breath fanned across her aching nipple.
“Tah,” she moaned as he licked over it. One hand plumped her breast, holding it up for him as he licked her. “Oh God, Tah.”
“Mine.” He told her and took her breast in his mouth.
The warm wet suction had her arching off the bed, pressing deeper into his touch. Both her hands reached for his hair and cradled his scalp, scratching and holding him close. She knew she was rocking her pussy up into him, fighting for a touch that would bring relief to an ache she’d never known.
He moved to her other breast and treated it to the same thorough attention. When he pulled back, they were even more swollen, the tips wet from his mouth. He pinched and tugged at her nipples, making her cry out as her hands slipped to claw at his shoulders.
“Mine.” He informed her again, and she was helpless to do anything but nod in agreement.
His fingers brushed over her scar, and she felt torn in different directions when his gaze fell there. Part of her wanted to hide it as she had all her life, since the day she awoke in the hospital with it. But there would be no hiding from Tah. His mouth dipped, and he traced each claw mark with his tongue, sending pulses of liquid fire to explode in her womb.
This time he whispered his claim against her skin as he nuzzled her there. “Mine.”
His touch left her boneless, unable to do more than watch as he skimmed over her belly, pressing her legs apart. He shifted until he settled between her thighs, using his broad shoulders, spreading her wide. He inhaled deeply and the pure pleasure on his face kept any embarrassment she might have felt from registering. When his eyes met hers, they were a deep amber, a perfect blend of the brown and gold.
“Mine,” he said as he watched her. He rubbed his face against her plumped folds, but made no move to taste or touch like she wanted.
“Mine,” he said again and waited, searching her face for something.
“Yes,” she agreed, realizing he was waiting to see if she would deny him again. “Yours.”
That rumble left his chest again as he parted her and drove his tongue inside her pussy.
“Tah!” She almost came off the bed as she screamed his name. He pumped his tongue in and out of her, fucking her with it, and though she’d had toys, nothing could have prepared her for the rapture of his touch.
His thumb found her clit and rubbed over it. She came with another cry, his name spilling from her lips. Tremors wracked through her as he purred against her, the vibrations keeping her lost in the pleasure washing over her.
She was still gasping for air when he flipped her over to her belly, shoved a pillow under her hips, and pulled her up to her knees, moving in behind her.
Oh, God. He would be incredibly deep like this. She didn’t doubt she could take him. Her heart screamed she’d been made just for him. She was his just as he claimed.
His cock pressed into her and kept pressing until he filled her. He shuddered behind her as her pussy contracted and fluttered around him, struggling to adjust to the newness of him inside her. His hands were hard where they gripped her hips.
“Mine.” The growl left his lips just seconds before he began to move. Slow and easy strokes quickly turned into deep, hard thrusts that had her dropping her head to the bed and clenching her fingers in the covers.
He rode her hard, taking her as if he needed to brand her with his scent, and this was the only way he could accomplish it. Her mind was trying to make her acknowledge something, something she might feel was important later, but she denied it, reveling in the sheer pleasure of being claimed by Tah.
That’s what this was. It was more than sex. It was a primal claiming as he fucked her senseless.
She didn’t think it could get better as she screamed with another orgasm. His body lowered over hers, and she felt his breath at her shoulder. One hand fell forward to brace him as the other shoved her hair aside before it dropped to the mattress too. She had only a moment before she felt the scrape of his teeth against the muscle where her shoulder met her neck. Then he struck, his canines breaking skin as he bit her and held her in place beneath him.
He came with a roar muffled against her skin as she shuddered and jerked under him. She felt no pain, no horror at what he’d just done. She felt loved, desired, claimed. She felt mated.
He lifted one of his hands to cup just under her right breast, and she shuddered as his fingers seemed to fit perfectly against the scars a lion’s paw had left in her skin. He pulled his teeth free, and she felt her pussy clench, forcing another spurt of semen from his cock as he licked over the wound he’d made.
“Mine.” He purred against her as he continued to lick where he’d bit.

Once again, she was marked by the beast.

Hope you enjoyed that look into their world! You can find this story as well as the others in the series at most major vendors!

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