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A Jaguar's Touch, Awakening Pride Book 5 is here!

A Jaguar’s Touch
Awakening Pride Book Five
By Lacey Thorn

The lone Jaguar...

Gideon prefers to stay on the outside, watching, but he’s willing to step in and protect when needed. He doesn’t want family, keeps friends at arm’s length and refuses to believe there might be a woman out there meant to be his and only his. Men like him don’t have mates.

A Woman Undone...

Vic only has one use for men, and it sure as hell isn’t to protect her. She was a Marine. She takes care of herself. She feels the intense burn of desire and knows what others think. There’s only one way to prove them wrong. Sate the lust and walk away.


He’s sure he can fight the need for her even with the touch of fever in his veins, but he never counted on fighting her need as well. Neither of them wants a mate, but the beast inside Gideon is ready to stake a claim.  And if that happens, one night might turn into forever.

From A Jaguar's Touch Copyright @ 2015, Lacey Thorn

“I’m not a woman who runs or hides from anything,” she said, and it sounded like a warning.
“I’m not asking you to run or hide. I don’t care what your job is. I’m sure you’re more than capable of doing anything needed. I’m just asking you to give me a wide berth.”
“I heard you quite well when you said you wanted me to stay the fuck away from you.”
She took another step, bringing her close enough that he could reach out and touch her. Instead, he fisted his hands at his sides and pressed them against the rough bark at his back.
“You heard, but you don’t seem to have listened,” Gideon snarled at her.
“No, I questioned. Is it just me or all humans you don’t want around you?”
“I have nothing against humans,” he growled. He could feel the sweat on his brow as he held onto the ragged edge of his control.
“So it is just me.” She purred, leaning in so her breath caressed his cheek.
“You’re playing with fire.”
And the hellcat moved all the way in until their bodies pressed together. Her curves fit him perfectly, as if she had been created with him in mind. Her lips brushed his when she spoke.
“Good. As long as I’m not the only one who burns.”
He grabbed her. One hand fisting in her short curls, the other grasping the flare of her hip. He meant to shove her away, but that was before she grabbed him back. Her hands clenched in his hair, gripping the strands so tightly he felt the edge of pain along his scalp.
“I’d planned to kick your ass,” she panted. “Or at least make you suffer.”
He rocked his hips into her, letting her feel the hard length of his erection. “I’m suffering,” he promised.
She caught her breath, just for a second, just long enough to make him wonder if she was finally wising up. Then she slammed her mouth on his and thrust her tongue inside. It was wild and fed into his most primal aggressions. He fought and lost his battle to keep away from her.
“Just sex,” she said when they broke apart. “We both know this isn’t a mating.”
“Just sex?” he questioned.
“I want you,” she admitted. “And I plan to have you.”
“The feeling is mutual.”
“But me and you? We’re just about the fucking. Is that clear?” she asked.
“Very,” he agreed and took her mouth again.
He devoured her, exploring every crevice of her mouth and coming back for more until neither of them could breathe. He turned them until she was pressed between the tree and him. He used his boot to nudge her feet far enough apart to make room for him to move between her thighs. She retaliated by pulling his hair hard. He jerked, lifting his hands up to grip hers and lost a few strands in the struggle, but when their mouths broke apart, he had her hands captured and held prisoner above her head.
“Now what?” she said, showing no fear as she licked her bottom lip and stared back at him.

“Now, we burn.”

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