Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Jagged Hearts is Live

I've launched my first self-publishing project, Jagged Hearts. This one is a romantic suspense and begins a brand new series for me, Knight's Watch. The cover is awesome!!! I love it!!

Here is the blurb:

Jagged Hearts
A Knight’s Watch Story
By Lacey Thorn

Five Years Ago: Brutal Attack Rocks Entertainment Industry

Paisley Ames can't escape the headline splashed across every news outlet, a vivid reminder of the tragedy that changed her life and still haunts her. Despite the passage of time, she can't heal. She can't let in the man who might show her how to live again.

Barrett “Bare” Locke took one look at Jamison Knight’s daughter and saw a survivor. A woman, fierce and strong. Too bad she doesn’t see it. He understands what it is to lose someone you love. If Paisley will give him the chance, he’ll show her how to heal the jagged pieces of her broken heart.

But someone doesn’t want Paisley to heal. They want her to remember…until they decide it’s time for her to die.

 A hot little excerpt:
Copyright @ 2015, Lacey Thorn

Bare ignored her question. “Tell me what you need, Paisley?”

“You” hovered on the end of her tongue, and for the hundredth time, she asked herself if it would really be so bad to lose herself in the desire she knew he felt for her. Unfair? Yes. She got the feeling he wanted more than a one-time deal. He deserved more than a woman who’d never love again, one without the jagged scars of a past that would never set her free.

“I don’t know,” she said with a shake of her head. “Felt like the walls were closing in. I needed to get out, get away for a bit.”

“Let’s get out then,” he said. “My bike’s outside. We can go anywhere or nowhere. Your choice.”

The thought of straddling his big black bike and wrapping herself around him sent a shiver through her. She wanted to say yes.

“Come on. I know you want to,” he said with a grin.

And she saw Lance. His brown eyes twinkling as he challenged her to run off to Vegas and marry him. God, what a fucked up place her head was. Fucked up and guilt riddled.

“I can’t,” she said. “Let my dad know I stopped by.” She turned, heading toward the door, but his next words stopped her midstride.

“He’s dead,” Bare said gruffly. “I doubt he would have expected your life to end with his.”

“You don’t know anything about him,” she forced out between gritted teeth, clenching her hands into fists at her sides and keeping her back to him.

“But I know you, better than you like to think,” Bare retorted. “I know there’s a real flesh-and-blood woman under that thick skin of yours. One with needs. One who didn’t die five years ago, no matter how much she wishes otherwise.”

She whirled around, letting his words fire her blood and fuel her anger. “You see what you want to see and nothing more.”

“If I saw only what I wanted, it would be you naked and in my bed, too exhausted even for memories.”

“So I should just forget everything and jump in bed with you? Let you fuck me senseless?”

“Hell, yes!” he practically yelled. “You need to be fucked. Often. I want to knock every thought out of your head so you have no choice but to feel for a change.” He walked over to her and jerked her against his broad chest. “Feel me. I’m right here, Paisley. Flesh and blood.”

He was a foot taller than her, and his erection hit her belly, taunting her with what she shouldn’t want, what she didn’t want to crave.

“I don’t want you,” she told him, and the cocky bastard just laughed, though there was little humor to the sound.

“You want me, and it eats you up with guilt. I see it every time you look at me.” He had one hand clamped against the small of her back, holding her against him, while he used the other to cup her chin and tilt her face up to him. “Deny it. I dare you.”

You can find the book at the following vendors:

Still coming soon at iBooks!

I hope readers enjoy it!!

Happy Reading!

Lacey Thorn

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