Monday, May 18, 2015

Plotting the Pride

By now many of you have read The Liger's Mark and see that there is another series spinning off from this one. Awakening Pride and The Holloways are two different series that will run simultaneously. There might be the occasional crossover between the two.

So where did the Holloway brothers and their story come from? Like Jess and her alpha wolf mates in Waking the Beast, the Holloway brothers were created in The Liger's Mark as friends of Gabriel. They grew in my mind until I knew they had to have a series just for them.

What's different? A lot, actually. These bear shifters are not the same as either the wolves or the cat pride. They were all but wiped out by hunters. In fact, Laramie and his brothers believe all the females were killed out. This is an important bit of information to know about the bear shifters. Females play a huge role in the continuation of their species. It will all be explained in the first book, His to Bear.

Which brings up more questions readers have sent me. Why Holt? Is he leaving the pride to join the Holloways? This may cause some upset, but yes, he is leaving the pride and joining the bears. For those who have read the series you are aware that he and Kenzie were once lovers who have turned into best friends. He's always been there for her. In The Liger's Mark, Kenzie and her mate, Gabriel, are finally together. Think about that. Picture it. Got it? Now does it make sense that Holt would volunteer to head to the Holloways to offer assistance?

I'm not saying that he won't ever go back to the pride, but he won't be the same and neither will his relationship. It will grow and evolve like they all do. Kenzie is mated and soon, Holt will be, too. Will they still have the rock solid friendship? Absolutely!

I promise most of these questions will be answered more fully in the first book. Holt's reasoning, Kenzie's understanding and appreciation, and the role the bears will play in the grand scheme of the battle with the hunters.

What about Jess and her wolves? I am planning a novel devoted solely to their story. I'd like to take you back to how they all met and began this crazy relationship they're in. It will give you a bigger picture of what they're dealing with, not just with the hunters but within the wolf shifter community as a whole. As to whether or not they will spin into yet another series, I can't say yet. It will depend on the story and how it all unfolds. I do plan to have them back in a few upcoming pride stories. Jess needs to see her father again, or should I say the Professor needs to see her.

Most importantly, I have a lot coming up with these characters. I have no plans to end the Awakening Pride series any time soon. I'd like to think I'll still be adding to it years from now. I love this group and want to see them grow and flourish. I have a feeling the Holloways are just the first series to spring from my Pride books.

I'll be answering more reader questions on the blog from now on. I think it's likely that if one or more readers send me the question then chances are other readers have it, as well. Please feel free to send any questions to me at and not only will I reply, but chances are I'll answer it here as well.

Thank you so much for loving my Awakening Pride series. I can't explain how it feels to know that so many of you love these characters as much as I do! I'm hopeful you'll take the Holloway men and their growing pack into your hearts, as well!

Thanks so much for all your love and support!

Lacey Thorn

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