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For a very limited time the first two books in the Awakening Pride Series have been discounted! Waking the Beast is listed at $1.99 and Tempting the Tiger is marked down to $0.99! It's a great deal! If you haven't had the chance to grab them yet, now would be the time. Here's a look at both books and links where you can grab them!

Waking the Beast
Awakening Pride Book 1
By Lacey Thorn

The legend of the Paka Watu...

Ever since she was a young girl, Abby Lane can’t resist the allure of a cat shifter tribe forced to repress their beasts. On a trip to Africa, she discovers a coveted piece of information—the name the pride leader assumed when he left his home—and she traces his lineage to his descendant.

The sleeping lion...

Utah Pearce can't keep his gaze off the woman who slips into the bar every night. Though not his usual type, she brings out the possessive instinct in him, making him battle with himself as he tries to stay away.


Abby’s research never prepared her for the reality in front of her. The beast is waking, and Utah is changing in ways both exciting and terrifying. He is possessive and dominant, and when he finally claims her, neither of them will ever be the same.


“We need to talk, Abby.”

She nodded her head and put her hand up in a poor attempt to disguise a jaw-shattering yawn.

He twisted his neck, working the kinks out as best he could. “Maybe we need sleep first,” he admitted.

Her gaze fell to the bed then moved to the table as she began gathering up the trash. “About that…”

“About what?” he prompted when her voice tapered off.

She threw the trash away and turned to face him, picking up the towel she’d used on her hair and moving to cross the room. “The bed.”

He stepped in front of her, blocking her way. “What about the bed?”

“There’s only one.”

“The motel doesn’t have any double rooms.” At least as far as he was concerned. He hadn’t asked.

She narrowed her eyes at him as if preparing to call him a liar. He just crossed his arms over his chest and stared down at her.

“I’m not comfortable sleeping with you.” Her voice was soft, and his gut clenched at the lost look in her eyes, at the hunger he could see, as well as smell. She wanted him.

He moved in, running his hands up her arms to bury in her hair. Her eyes widened, but she didn’t do anything to stop him when he lowered his head and took her mouth with his. He pressed his lips to hers, licked over her bottom lip and nipped it softly with his teeth in an effort to get her to open up for him.

When she didn’t comply, he worked his mouth along her jaw to her earlobe. His tongue flicked the lobe before he nipped it with his teeth, and Abby gasped. He pulled back his gaze latching onto the parted curves before he dove and took, his tongue surging past her lips and teeth to find hers and wrapping around it.

She was up on her toes, reaching her arms toward his shoulders and all but climbing him as he bent to cup her ass and lift her into him. Her legs were around his waist, and he had her turned and pressed against the wall without pulling from the warmth of her kiss. She jerked back from his mouth, her head leaning back, exposing the slender column of her neck. He sank to it, grazing her flesh with his teeth and stroking his tongue out to taste her.

He ached. His cock. His teeth. His heart. And it was all for her.

“Tah.” His name was a gasp from her lips.

He groaned and moved his mouth back up toward hers.

“Tah.” She turned her head, denying him. Denying them both.

“Abby.” He moaned her name, flexing his hips and pressing into her where her legs wrapped around his waist. He felt her shudder, smelled the heat of her desire.

“Tah. Put me down please.”

His eyes snapped to hers, and he saw the denial there.

“You want me.” It was a statement, not a question, and she didn’t deny it.

“Not like this,” she said softly.

He slowly eased back from her, helping her as she unwrapped her legs and braced along the wall as if needing the support to find her own footing.

“Like this?” he questioned. He wanted to roar with rage at the loss of her. He needed her. Couldn’t she see how much he needed her?

“I may not be the most beautiful woman you’ve ever taken in your arms, but I’m most likely the smartest. And I know.”

It just pissed him off that she discounted herself that easily. She was the most beautiful, in all the ways that mattered. He’d just been too scared to admit it.

“You know what?” he asked when she shook her head and stepped away from the wall, tugging the robe closer together.

He thought she wouldn’t answer him as she scooped up the wet towel and stepped into the bathroom with it. But she faced him when she walked out. He could see the sadness in her eyes, and it nearly destroyed him.

“That I’m worth more than one quick night in a cheap motel,” she whispered, moving to the side of the bed and tugging back the covers. “I’ll give you the side closest to the door. The water’s hot if you want a shower.”

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Tempting the Tiger
Awakening Pride Book Two
By Lacey Thorn

 Legend awakened...

Reno has known there was more to him since he awoke in the hospital, alive when he should have died. Only one thought consumed him. Find Tah. Watch over him. Protect him. Then everything changed.

A tempted tiger...

A mission gone wrong brings him face to face with a woman who tempts his tiger from hiding. He wants her with a fierce hunger that consumes him and shocks him with the possessive nature she awakens.


Amia belongs nowhere. Not with the Blane family of hunters she was born into, and not with the dominant man who kidnaps her and turns her world upside down. She runs. She fights. And when the time comes, she pays the price. Running isn't an option, and there's no fighting  a man who turns her inside out with unquenchable lust. Maybe, just maybe, she's found where she belongs.


“You want me?” She phrased it as a question, but they both knew he did.

He nodded and settled his hips more firmly against hers, letting her feel just how much he desired her. Just once, Amia wanted to feel what it would be like to have a man touch her with desire for something other than inflicting pain. She wanted to feel needed, cherished, perhaps even loved, though it would just be her body he thought of. It was more than she’d ever been given, more than she’d hoped for.

“I want you,” she finally admitted to him and watched his eyelids sink to half-mast over shining blue eyes. She thought she was beginning to understand what the color shift meant. One was man. One was whatever else he was, and the roars he was dropping were making her truly believe there was an animal in there somewhere. Which part of him would take her when she finally gave in?

He trailed one hand down over her black shirt to her stomach, spreading his fingers wide atop the material. “Are you asking me to take you, Amia?”

She thought of all the reasons she should say no. All the reasons to back out and stop before things went too far, before he saw the parts of her she wanted to stay hidden. Then she met his eyes and knew there wasn’t a reason that would stop her this time. She wanted something raw and elemental. Something to fuel fantasies for years to come. She wanted him to fuck her. Should she tell him that she wasn’t very experienced? Just a few bumbled attempts with a boy she’d met then watched die before her eyes? That had been years ago. Now she was only threatened with rape, just one of the many mind-fucks the Blanes utilized.

“There are…pieces of me that aren’t…so pretty.” She finally managed to force the words out past a throat tight with shame. And wasn’t that the ultimate punishment, that she would feel ashamed of the marks they’d left on her.

“We all have scars. They don’t make us any less than who we are.”

She nodded her head. “No questions, Reno. Promise me. No matter what you see. No questions.” She didn’t want to get into any of the hows and whys with him. Not here. Not now.

Slowly, he nodded his head. “No questions. Just me worshipping your gorgeous body.”

“Then, yes. Take me.” Make her feel alive, for once in her life, make her feel like a woman worthy of having.

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Lacey Thorn
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