Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Waking up with Amnesia

That's how it all starts for Chase Riley in Beautiful Dreamer. A play on the fairy tale Sleeping Beauty, Beautiful Dreamer begins with Chase in the hospital in a what doctors refer to as a self-induced coma. Her body needs to heal from the violent attack she suffered. Waiting in the wings is her ex-boyfriend, Police Detective Phillip Wade. Chase is the woman he loves, and despite the break-up, he'll do his all to protect her.

Hope you enjoy Beautiful Dreamer! (**Author's Note** This book is loosely connected to the Knight's Watch series. It tells the back story of Seth, who was introduced in Jagged Hearts. It was also previously published in the Anthology Seduction at Midnight which is no longer available.)

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Lacey Thorn


  1. Questions: I snagged this as part of the Seduction at Midnight anthology. Are there updates in this version that I am missing out on?

    Also, I read three or four of the stories in the anthology so I didn't feel comfortable giving a review. Since it is now a stand alone on Amazon, would it be alright to review it there?

    Wonderful story! And an excellent reminder not to let fear over take love. Thank you!

    1. t's had another round of editing and some minor changes here and there throughout to strengthen the story. No major changes or additions though that I can think of. I think you'd be okay to review it off of the original. I know there were a few typos that were missed the first time around, and those have been corrected.