Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Soaring through Summer

It's been a fast paced summer. My last post was the beginning of June, but I swear it feels like it was yesterday. How is it that winter drags by but summer flies at the speed of light? Is it just me? In just a few weeks the new school year will start. This means school fees, sports equipment, school supplies, school clothes (because you know they've grown and need new shoes, etc.), school pictures (because they have to do those at the start of the year!), and all the million other things I'm not thinking of. Who's ready for summer again? LOL

The kids and I took a three week vacation this year. We visit family, which is wonderful to help save on expenses. Basically we pay the gas and any food we eat on the road. We stayed with family, and they fed us, lol. We're very lucky to be able to do that. We stopped in Oklahoma City, Dallas, and Colorado Springs. I was delighted to meet with some awesome readers in Dallas and Colorado Springs! Such a blast spending time chatting with them I gave away several autographed books, bags, and other goodies.

Writing? I actually took a break. I didn't break the laptop out. I soaked up the family time and really enjoyed myself. We were busy the whole time, and it felt wonderful. I need to remember to take more time to explore the world outside of my imagination!

So what's coming up for me? Lots!

First up will be His to Bear, the first book in my brand new bear shifter series, The Holloways.
I love the cover. Sexy!

Those familiar with my Awakening Pride series will recognize the Holloways, who were introduced in The Liger's Mark. I fell in love with this family then and knew they needed their own series! I'm looking forward to adding to this series. His to Bear will release August 12!

Next will be Craving Sin, the next book in my Knight's Watch series. This one is all about Gilly and his new love. I'm hoping to have it edited and ready to go by the end of August, though it might be first of September. There always seems to be something I'm not expecting that comes up.

I'll be working on the next Awakening Pride book after that, along with the next Pleasures book. I'm super excited to start them both. I'm really hoping I can get another stand alone self pub book out, as well. I'll have to wait and see what time allows for. Everything else will spill over into my 2016 writing schedule. I'll know more toward the end of the year and share in late November.

I'm still debating my 25 Days of Reader Appreciation for this year. If I don't do it, I'll do something different to celebrate. Stay tuned, lol.

Hope you're reading some great books this summer. I know I am! I've even read a few new to me authors and fallen in love! On that note, I'm off to read!

Happy Reading!

Lacey Thorn
Your world...unalced...

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