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Feeling Supernatural?

I"m a huge fan of the show Supernatural. Dean, Sam, Castiel, Crowley! Hell, even Lucifer is hot! (ha ha ha) I like reading and watching about things that go bump in the night. I'm also a huge gamer, and my crack of choice is World of Warcraft. Put these two together and voila! The Demon Chronicles Trilogy is born! Three human warlocks wielding the power of fire! I love it!

For once in her life, Serephin wanted to be loved. Being half human and half demon made her an outcast. So, together with her two best friends, she heads to the human world hoping that since they look human, they will find a home there. But nothing is as they read. They are no longer outcasts, but if their demon blood is discovered they will become the hunted.

Morgin and Drallan vow to protect Serephin as long as she agrees to become their mate. Serephin can’t admit what she is and her mates have secrets of their own. Can the threesome find a way to trust and form a bond that includes love?

(Previously published as Serephin)


She fluttered her eyes open and moaned for good measure. According to what she’d heard all her life, human women were weak, frail. She must act the part as best she could.
“What…? Where am I?”
“Easy.” The man by the bed was big, muscles bulging in his arms and chest, which was deliciously bare. Interesting. His eyes were a tawny color, so light a brown they were almost golden. They went well with his golden skin and hair.
“Who are you? Where am I?” She tried to make her voice sound a little fearful, but she found the emotion hard to embrace. It just wasn’t in her.
“She’s awake?” Another man questioned as he entered the room. He must be the one the other called Drallan.
This one was completely clothed, but just as large. The human male was definitely not weak, at least in form. He had dark hair that hung well past his shoulders and a sword strapped on his back. A warrior of some kind it seemed. She should have read more of this world instead of just listening to Carami. Carami was the one of the three of them who knew the most about this world. And with her mouth and temper, it was Carami who would probably get into the most trouble on her own.
Serephin groaned. Her first course of action must be to find Carami.
“Is she ill?” Drallan asked, as he approached the other side of the bed.
A hand came out to touch her forehead, then slid beneath the covering to rest on her chest. He didn’t fondle or even touch much of her breasts, just splayed his open hand over the top.
“I feel no fever,” the tawny one said and pulled his hand out.
“Get her water, Morgrin,” Drallan commanded and sat beside her on the bed. “How do you feel this morning?”
“How long have I been here? Where am I? Was there another with me?”
“Whoa,” Drallan commanded and held his hand up. “We will exchange questions and answers soon. First, you must drink. You have been asleep for longer than is usual, and I would see your body replenished.”
She took the cup Morgrin offered and drained it completely before handing it back to him. She was thirsty. Too thirsty. “How long have I been asleep?”
“This is the third day,” Morgrin told her and held the refilled cup out to her.
She took it and sipped, allowing her mind to absorb the news. Three days. She had been unconscious for three days. Where were Carami and Brahman?
Please, let them be safe. Brahman would be helpless enough without his full powers at his disposal. She must force his freedom on him as soon as they saw one another again. He would need it to survive in this new world. He could not be tied to her forever.
“What is your name?” Drallan asked.
A question for a question. At least this was one she could easily answer.
“A beautiful name,” Morgrin said, taking the cup from her and setting it aside.
“Where am I?”
“You are in our home,” Drallan said. “Lucky for you, my brother and I were headed back here when we found you. I’m not sure how you managed to get so far onto our lands without discovery. Had another found you, you could have been killed instantly.”

“Your people are prone to kill women?”

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Driven by Flame
Demon Chronicles Book 2

Carami longed for a place to belong. She and her two friends have always been outcasts because of their human appearance. She dreams of going to the human world and has read every piece of information she can get her hands on in preparation. When the opportunity comes, she can’t wait. Unfortunately, she discovers nothing is as she read. Furthermore, this world contains proof of a long hidden secret that will shake the foundation of everything she’s known.

Maddox didn’t expect to come across a beautiful woman on his trip. One look and he can’t turn away. Somehow he must convince her to mate with him and his twin brother Hrirth. It feels as if Carami is the woman that the brothers have been waiting for. Now all they have to do is stay alive long enough to make it back home.

(Previously published as Carami)


Carami awoke huddled under a blanket, freezing. The last thing she remembered she, Serephin, and Brahman had gone through the summoning mist to Zandova. The plan had been to hold hands and arrive together, but that wasn’t how it had worked out. The wind had ripped her from her friends and had her tumbling in what seemed like an endless void. She had no idea where she was or if her friends were with her.

“I know you’re awake,” a deep voice she didn’t recognize said. “I can see the change in your breathing.”

She lifted her eyelids and glanced around. She was in some type of fabric building. She was lying on the ground on another thicker fabric. And she was naked. She could feel her temper rise as she took stock of her body. Her head ached slightly, and she was desperately thirsty, but nothing else seemed to pain her. She didn’t feel violated and surely she would if anything had occurred while she was out.

“Where are my clothes?” she demanded.

“In my bag,” he told her with a boyish grin. “I needed to check for injury when you didn’t awaken for so long.”

“Give them to me,” she commanded.

He laughed. “I think not. I’d like to talk first. Find out who you are and where you came from. You shouldn’t be travelling alone. Not with the mark.”

“The mark?” she asked, but her hand went immediately to cover the mark above her heart.
“You must have been hidden well to have survived the cleansing,” he told her.

“The cleansing?” Her head was spinning. What did her mark have to do with a cleansing? She hadn’t read anything about a cleansing.

“Where are you from?” he asked.

“I…” She had no idea what to say. “I’m very thirsty.”

“Of course,” he said and shook his head. “I’m sorry. You’ve been out for three days. Of course you’d be thirsty.” He turned back to her with a pouch of some sort that he’d unscrewed a cap from. The cool water coated her mouth, and she drank deeply. “Not too fast,” he said, and his hands covered hers, urging her to slow down. “There is plenty.”

She watched him while she drank. He was big, Brahman big, with broad shoulders that were perfectly visible in the sleeveless tunic he wore. His thighs bulged where he squatted down beside her, and a wicked blade was strapped to one of those thighs. His brown hair hung past his shoulders in waves, and he had deep green eyes. Friendly eyes. He didn’t fear her, but then he couldn’t possibly know the magic she held within her. No one had before Serephin had taught her how to tap into it. It had been like waking up.

“I was travelling with another woman and a man,” she said. “Did you find them as well?”

“No one but you,” he told her. “Are they family?”

“Yes,” she nodded. Where could they be? How would she find them?

“Are they the ones who’ve been hiding you?” he asked. Why would she have been hidden? He’d said something about her mark and a cleansing. She had to find out what that meant.

“I’ve been hidden all my life,” she said, “practically like I was in another world.” There was more truth in that statement than he could possibly realize.

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Embraced by Heat
Demon Chronicles Book 3

Shandraz has been under a spell, her every action manipulated by another. As she awakens, she discovers things are no longer as she remembers. Her father wants to kill her. Her friends no longer know who she is. The only way to stop the madman her father has become is to kill him and take her place as leader of her people. To do that, she’ll need the help of a stranger who makes her burn with need.

Brahman followed the Princess Serephin to the human world. He had no plans except to keep her safe. Now, he has two princesses to protect and a woman who makes him crave a life forever denied him. His powers may no longer be chained, but is his heart free to search for love?

(Previously published as Brahman)


“Who is his mother?” Princess Olphina demanded as she stared down at the sleeping infant.
“She is dead,” the man stated with a careless shrug of his shoulders. Not a lie exactly. She would die eventually.
“The child is your blood?” Though she asked the question, she still reached down and used her nail to scrape the child’s skin, drawing a drop of blood and making the child begin to cry. She took it on her fingertip and brought it to her mouth, where she sucked it off. She inhaled deeply and slowly a smile took form on her lips. “He is the one.”
“What would you have me do?” The old man remained focused on the Princess, ignoring the child’s cries.
“He is to be taught in the ways of the old magic. Let his father see to it. When the time is right, he will be bound to the demon of my choosing. His magic is strong. With the right guidance, the right master, he will be great.” She glanced down once more at the squalling baby and laughed. “Release your rage now, little one, for soon you will require permission. I have great plans for you. Great plans.” She turned and headed toward the door. “See to him,” she commanded and left.
A woman moved quickly from the shadows and scooped the baby up. She threw a glare to the man while she moved to sit and releasing the shoulder fastening of her gown, brought the baby to her full breast. He latched on with vigor and had her smiling.
“He has the same hearty appetite as his father,” she said and though she smiled, sadness seemed to fill the air around her.
“My son will return to us,” the old man said as he turned from her and moved across the room.
“He is gone,” she whispered. “I don’t believe he is coming back, and I don’t blame him. Why would he?”
“For his wife. His child.” The old man’s voice shook with suppressed rage. “For his family.”
“He leaves for his family,” she countered. “If he can find a way to break this curse, to free us from the bondage the demons keep us under, then he will return. He has to try.” She glanced up at the man, the father of her mate, and pleaded with him. “Do you not understand what he gives up? We have each other still. He has no one, nothing. He is alone. If he is caught, it is death.” Her gaze dropped down to the baby, and she brushed her fingers over his dark hair. “He does it for his son, in hopes that Brahman will know a freedom we never have.”
“The boy’s head is full of dreams. Damn him for the fool he is. There is no way to break the curse. It is our punishment for thinking we could trust a demon.”
“We are to be punished for seeking friendship and not realizing the trap laid for us?” She shook her head pulling her dress up and recovering her breast before lifting the baby so his head rested on her shoulder. Gently, she patted his back. “Our magic is old, older than any ever known. Our numbers are diminished, even more so since we’ve been confined in bondage. Our history lost, save for the stories passed by mouth. Romulus seeks answers, knowledge of what the demons did to bind us and our magic this way. He seeks to find the way to free us all.”
“My son was always a fool. He never listened to a word I said, his head always filled with dreams. Brahman will be raised as the Princess has ordered. When the time comes, he will be bound to whom she says and that will be that. I’ll allow you to stay with the boy until he is weaned from your breast. But I will not allow you to interfere in his training.”
She nodded her head, biting her tongue until he left the room. Only then did she slip across the room to the shadows where she had weaved a ward of protection. None who entered the room would sense or even be aware she and the baby were there, at least none who didn’t possess the same magic. She gently lay the baby down and couldn’t resist brushing her hand over his black curls.
“Your father will see you free one day, Brahman. I swear he will. You must be brave and strong and do as you are told until that day arrives. I would give my life to stay with you, to watch over and protect you always. But it is not to be. My time draws near. I can sense the death that awaits me, and I go to it unafraid. He thinks he does right, convinces himself I must die to prevent interference with the Princess’s plans. Forgive him. He has not the strength of his son. I pray you meet your father one day, Brahman. Romulus is the greatest man I’ve ever known. And he gave me you. The Princess may have plans for you, but so do your father and I. Our son will know freedom.”
She leaned low and nuzzled the baby’s cheek before kissing him softly on the forehead. “Not all knowledge is lost,” she whispered to the child. “I know things few others do. You see your grandmother, my mother, was one of the chosen. She was deemed worthy to hold the knowledge of our people inside her, so it would not be forgotten. She passed it on to me before she died. Now I will pass it on to you.” She ran her hands over his small form, letting her fingers rub over the mark he bore on the left side of his chest. She began to chant softly, her hands beginning to glow with a golden cast. The light left her fingers and appeared to enter the baby making his mark glow brighter and brighter. She slumped when she finished, and the glow disappeared.
“I have given you hidden knowledge. You will only find it when you are ready. I’ve seen your destiny, my son. You will be greater than any realize. Be strong. Be brave. Trust in what you see with your heart. I love you, Brahman. No matter what stories you are told of your father and me, when the time is right, you will know you were loved.”
With one final kiss, she turned and taking a deep breath, stepped out of the power of her protective ward and into the waiting arms of death.

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Hope you like this look at the Demon Chronicle Trilogy! 
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