Thursday, June 23, 2016

Eyes on the Pride

The eighth book in the Awakening Pride series is LIVE! Here's a teaser to wet your appetite!

Eyes on the Pride
Awakening Pride Book Eight
By Lacey Thorn

Darby doesn’t just know shifters exist. It’s her job to watch them. For the last four years, she’s had her eye on one shifter, Calloway Meyer. She’s obsessed with him, which is problematic since he seems set on avoiding her.

Calloway has spent four years keeping an eye on his mate, waiting for her to be ready to be his. When her father sends her on a mission that might get her killed, Calloway has no choice but to step in.


One touch. One taste. One word whispered between them that will change both of their lives: Mine.

Copyright @ 2016, Lacey Thorn

She was glancing down, fumbling with her wallet as she stepped back into the corridor, when she crashed headfirst into an unforgiving wall of solid muscle. She squeaked as hard hands caught her hips, holding her steady and entirely too close. She knew who it was by the electricity that surged between them. His touch. His scent. His heat. He surrounded her, and it was all she could do to catch her breath.

“Calloway.” His name was all she could manage as she felt the hard bulge of his erection against her stomach. Her pussy clenched, her nipples rigid beads pressing against him.

“Darby.” His voice was deep, husky and dripping with anger. “You ran from me.”

“Don’t flatter yourself,” she huffed, shoving ineffectively against his chest. “I’m taking a trip. It has nothing to do with you.”

“Don’t lie to me, ever. I know exactly where you’re headed. You should have come to me.”

She finally forced her gaze up to his, lifting a brow. “Come to you? Why would I do that? You’ve made it pretty clear over the last four years that you want me to stay away.”

“You were just a kid.”

“I was twenty-one when we met, hardly a child.”

“Hell, you still look like a child.”

“I can’t help my height,” she snapped, throwing her hands out. “Not all of us are built like a damn mountain.”

“It’s not your tininess I was commenting on,” he countered. “You’re young, far too young for the things I have in mind.” The last bit was muttered under his breath with disgust.

“I’m a woman, Calloway.”

His gaze flicked over her, and she swore his cock pulsed where it rested along her stomach. “I can see that.”

“I seriously doubt you see anything unless you want to,” Darby retorted.

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  2. As long as there is no BDSM or bondage and such in this book ... I will read it.