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Awakening Pride Series

1. Waking the Beast
2. Tempting the Tiger
3. Freeing The Feline
4. Saving the Beast
5. A Jaguar's Touch
6. The Liger's Mark
7. Unleashing the Beast
8. Eyes on the Pride
9. Cry of the Pride

Awakening Pride: The Holloways

1. His to Bear (comes between The Liger's Mark and Unleashing the Beast)
2. Claimed by the Grizzly
3. Rumble and Growl

Pleasures Series

1. Cuffed for Pleasure
2. Heated for Pleasure
3. SEALed for Pleasure
4. Guarded for Pleasure
5. Roped for Pleasure
6. Arranged for Pleasure
7. Cured by Pleasure
8. Faithful in Pleasure
9. Agents of Pleasure
10. Bewitched for Pleasure
11. Hammered with Pleasure

James Pack 

1. Alpha's Unwilling Mate
2. Beta's Virgin Bride

Knight's Watch Series

Prequel: Beautiful Dreamer (Previously published in Seduction at Midnight Anthology)
1. Jagged Hearts
2. Craving Sin

Bare Love

1.  His Bare Obsession
2.  Bare Confessions
3.  Bare Seduction 
4.  Bare Devotion  (Re-releasing Soon)
5.  Running Bare  (Re-releasing Soon)
6.  In the Bare  (Re-releasing Soon)
7.  Stripped Bare  (Re-releasing Soon)
8.  Barely Breathing  (Re-releasing Soon)
9.  Bare Submission (Coming Soon)

Something More Series (Previously Girls Night Out Series)

1. More Than One Night (Previously Jack's Dee-Light)
2. More Than Friends (Previously What Friends Are For)
3. More Than I Do (Previously Marital Bliss)
4. More Than Words (Brand New Story, Coming Soon)

Demon Chronicles Series

1. Bound By Fire (previously published as Serephin)
2. Driven by Flame (previously published as Carami)
3. Embraced by Heat (previously published as Brahman)

Alpha Enforcer Squad

1.  Enforced Love
2.  Love by Command
3.  Breaking Into Love 


1. Finders Keepers

Contemporary Western

1. Chaps and Lace  (previously published in Men of Calder County as Rayne)

Contemporary Menage

1. Finding Home




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