Demon Chronicles Series

Books listed in series order.

Demon Chronicles: Bound by Fire

For once in her life, Serephin wanted to be loved. Being half human and half demon made her an outcast. So, together with her two best friends, she heads to the human world hoping that since they look human, they will find a home there. However, nothing is as they read. They are no longer outcasts, but if their demon blood is discovered they will become the hunted.

Morgin and Drallan vow to protect Serephin as long as she agrees to become their mate. Serephin can’t admit what she is and her mates have secrets of their own. Can the threesome find a way to trust and form a bond that includes love?

(Previously published as Serephin)

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Driven by Flame
Demon Chronicles Book 2

Carami longed for a place to belong. She and her two friends have always been outcasts because of their human appearance. She dreams of going to the human world and has read every piece of information she can get her hands on in preparation. When the opportunity comes, she can’t wait. Unfortunately, she discovers nothing is as she read. Furthermore, this world contains proof of a long hidden secret that will shake the foundation of everything she’s known.

Maddox didn’t expect to come across a beautiful woman on his trip. One look and he can’t turn away. Somehow he must convince her to mate with him and his twin brother Hrirth. It feels as if Carami is the woman that the brothers have been waiting for. Now all they have to do is stay alive long enough to make it back home.

(Previously published as Carami)

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Embraced by Heat
Demon Chronicles Book 3

Shandraz has been under a spell, her every action manipulated by another. As she awakens, she discovers things are no longer as she remembers. Her father wants to kill her. Her friends no longer know who she is. The only way to stop the madman her father has become is to kill him and take her place as leader of her people. To do that, she’ll need the help of a stranger who makes her burn with need.

Brahman followed the Princess Serephin to the human world. He had no plans except to keep her safe. Now, he has two princesses to protect and a woman who makes him crave a life forever denied him. His powers may no longer be chained, but is his heart free to search for love?

(Previously published as Brahman)

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