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Cry of the Pride
Awakening Pride Book Nine
By Lacey Thorn

 Lost and alone…
After her mother’s death, Lyra grew up in the foster care system, struggling to hide who she is from the humans who found enough wrong with her. Never fitting in anywhere, she learned to adapt, hiding the damaged parts of herself as best she could. Until the night three men tore her world apart—one with a cry to come home, one with a desire to hurt her, and one with a possessive look that calls to the spirit inside her.

A mated mongrel...
Aleksy Costas is a primal beast in human skin. Part Bengal, part panther, part lion, he’s a creation of spliced DNA that even other shifters give a wide berth. When a mission takes him into a bar in the heart of Chicago, he finds the one person he never believed existed. Now, he’ll do anything to save her.

Captured and tortured, Lyra prays for a savior, never expecting the man who steps out of the shadows and breaks her free. It’s not safety he brings, but a cataclysm of lust and need that only his touch can quench. A bond is forming between them, but is it strong enough to withstand the battle brewing around them, one that will change everything in the war between hunters and shifters?

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            Breaking Into Love 

My name is Mandy, and I’m one of the best code breakers in the galaxy. That means I’m most at home with a hand held unit, definitely not in a combat zone. So why is Command sending me into the Fifth Quadrant with an elite alpha squad unit? 
 It doesn’t help that the Liege Commander has sent the most alpha of the Alpha Enforcers to escort me, Tor Dayes and Webb Xantor. I knew from the moment Tor tossed me over his shoulder and ordered me to settle down that we weren’t going to get along. Then Webb informed me there was only one bed on board. I can either share it or sleep on the floor.  
Determined to put them in their place, I’ve started a battle I have no hope of winning. I shouldn’t want them, but how much half naked, perfect male flesh can I be exposed to before I cave? 
 We’re all wrong for each other. There’s no future for us together. My job involves breaking codes, not breaking into love. Now, I just need to get my heart to remember that.


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Love by Command
Alpha Enforcer Squad, Book Two
By Lacey Thorn

I spend every free moment training. I’m a Junior Enforcer. Blame it on my small stature or the fact I’m a woman. Blame it on whatever. All I know is I’ll do whatever it takes to get the Junior status negated so I can be a full-fledged Enforcer. It’s been my dream my entire life.  When my commander tells me it’s mine as long as I agree to be part of an experimental new combat group, a quad unit pairing me with three male Alpha Enforcers, my answer is a resounding yes. So what if it sounds like sex is part of the agenda. I’ve never been shy about taking my pleasure where I find it.
I wasn’t prepared for the three men waiting for me. I feared they’d question my abilities and the way I was earning my place as an Enforcer. Acceptance was more than I expected. Complete trust? Not even on my radar.
I was commanded to work with them, encouraged to bond sexually with them, but falling in love was never part of the deal. If only I could get my heart to understand that.


I took the paper and held my right thumb out to him. I felt the fiery burn as he ran the laser over it. I immediately touched it to the appropriate line on the document. My print was left behind along with a number of skin cells. I wasn’t sure how it all worked, but they could use those cells to prove I’d signed the contract and punish me for any violation of its terms. Some scary crap in my opinion.
He took the signed paper and slid it back into the folder.
“Let me start by sharing some pertinent information about Emma’s situation.” He took a deep breath, and I swear he looked uncomfortable. “Emma was linked with two other Enforcers from the elite Alpha Enforcer squad.”
His gaze met mine to see if I understood what that meant. I wasn’t stupid. The Alpha squad consisted entirely of men. Alpha men. My pussy contracted at the thought of those Alpha men. I like sex a lot. And I’m not opposed to multiple partners, if you get my meaning.
“So she’s in a triad with two men,” I supplied when he didn’t say anything.
He nodded and looked down at the papers in front of him. “Yes, she’s bonded with two Alpha Enforcers.”
“Bonded?” That couldn’t be right. Active-duty Enforcers were forbidden to bond. They could have sex, but due to the high mortality rate, they were discouraged from bonding. Bonding was for life.
“The powers that be wish to see if the Enforcer’s mortality rate will decrease by sending out fully bonded units. We’re losing too many Enforcers, and they’re willing to try any means to combat that loss.”
“But through bonding?” I couldn’t help but ask.
“Unbound men once made great Enforcers since they had nothing to lose, no fear of death. No mate, no child, no conflict. But that concept doesn’t seem to work anymore. In fact, it’s led our troops to become reckless. We need Enforcers who will think before they act. Emma and her triad have managed to capture members of one of the most wanted terrorist cells in the fifth. The Liege Commander believes it’s because of the bond they’ve formed. They’re smarter because of this. They’re more cautious, more aware. I don’t have all the specifics. Most of the information is classified.”
Damn. Everything was on a need-to-know basis. So it was a little disconcerting that my lieutenant wasn’t in the need-to-know loop. “So what exactly is it I’ll be doing?”
“Emma formed the first triad. Command would like to progress forward another level.” He stopped avoiding eye contact with me and finally locked his gaze with mine once more. “They’d like to see how a quad unit will work.”
Quad unit? As in four people? As in me and three hunky Alpha guys? I really hoped I wasn’t drooling. And eager. Please, don’t let me sound too eager.

Enforced Love
Alpha Enforcer Squad, Book 1
By Lacey Thorn

I’m an Enforcer, one of the members of our elite military force. I take my job seriously. So when my commander tells me I’ve been picked for a trial program that will pair me with a couple of male Enforcers and get me sent to Quadrant Five, a hotbed of criminal activity that I can’t wait to step foot into, I’m raring to go. This is what I’ve worked for my entire career.

I have one night to say my farewells and let off some sexual steam before I’m locked into six weeks of nothing but work, and the two sexy alphas who just walked into the club have me willing and ready. All we get is one night of nothing but pleasure. I shouldn’t want them as much as I do. None of us want the night to end, but we all have jobs to do.

My mission comes first. My job is my life. I’m prepared for whatever the mission requires. Until the moment I step through the door and realize one night was only the beginning.


I headed to the center of the dance floor and joined in with everyone else already there moving and grooving. Bodies pulsed with me, rubbing and grinding on me, both male and female, and I didn’t care. This was dancing. I was careful that no one grabbed my skirt, that no hard thigh made its way between mine. I wasn’t wearing under-garb, and I didn’t want to leave a trail of pussy juice on some random thigh.

I was twisting and writhing when I glanced across the room and saw them. Two tall shots of eroticism. One had shoulder-length black hair about the same jet color as mine. His skin was a soft shade of brown. He was easily an inch or so taller than me. When our eyes met, I saw that his were blue. He let his gaze run from the top of my head all the way down my legs then slowly back up. I almost missed a step when he lifted his brow, and I felt my pussy clench with need.

I bounced my eyes to the guy standing with him. He was even taller with short, thick, blond hair and green eyes. He must have already inspected me at the same time as his friend. He held my gaze and slowly let a grin grace his perfect lips. My pussy was a fountain now, and I felt it weeping with need. I’d never had two men at once, though it was common practice for a lot of people. But damn, I wanted those two—at the same time.

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