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Bare Seduction

Lacey Thorn
“I’ve always preferred the heat.”

Cass Sinclair is back in Legacy for her best friend’s wedding, planning to make the most of every moment of her life. Which means when the brother of the groom and his best friend offer her a night of incredible sex, she gives a resounding yes!

Doug and Damon have been searching for a woman willing to take on two domineering men as her lovers and maybe as her partners in this crazy thing called life. One glance at the almost naked beauty parading down their hallway, and they’re certain they’ve found her.

There’s only one problem. Someone doesn’t want them together. As the threats escalate and the romance blossoms, this threesome will have to decide if one night can lead to happily ever after.

NOTE: This book was previously released by another publisher but has been extensively revised and re-edited.

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